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10 Best craft breweries to check out in Vancouver

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Best craft breweries to check out in Vancouver

There's nothing like a cold beer after a long day. Vancouver has some great craft breweries that are definitely worth checking out!

Do you like beer? Do you love trying new things? Do you live in or near Vancouver?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then read on! Here are 10 of the best craft breweries in Vancouver that you need to discover.

1. Andina Brewing

craft breweries in vancouver

Andina Brewing Company offers Vancouver a brand-new experience in the craft beer landscape. They are Vancouver's big yellow brewery!

They infuse the vibrant flavors, scents, sights, and sounds of South America and British Columbia.

It's easy to go here if you bring your kids with you. You can allow your Kids in the taproom and patio.

Andina has a selection of non-alcoholic drinks and a kid-friendly menu (try the platachos!). They also have coloring books, crayons, and puzzles for the little ones.

They have a perfect menu from drinks to fantastic South American.

For the first time here, let's try Core Beers (Sabrosa Lager, Palida Pale Ale, IBU Brumosa Hazy IPA, Jalea Guava Saison). Then serve your tongue more flavored with Cider ($8), Cuba Libre ($8), Andean Mojito ($8), Andean Sandria ($8), Michelada ($8).

Don’t forget to taste their delicious food. Platachos ($10) with Plantain chips covered in mixed cheese, tomatoes, black olives, and chipotle sauce. Picada ($20) with Traditional Colombian pork, and authentic Colombian chorizo, mix with Hogao sauce & Pico de gallo.

Good news! Dogs are allowed and very welcome on their patio. However, dogs are not permitted inside the brewery for health code reasons.

Furthermore, they have several parking spots on the side of the building. However, you can park on the street all day except from 7-9 am and 3-6 pm.

On a lazy raining day, you can order your favorite drink through their website and then enjoy a party at your cozy home. Andina delivers within Vancouver Area. All orders placed before 2 pm on Tuesday will be delivered on Wednesday or Thursday.

Location: 1507 Powell Street, Vancouver, BC

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2. Strange Fellows Brewing

craft beer restaurant in vancouver

Strange Fellows Brewing makes excellent beers with a wide range of flavors.

These individuals are proud brewers of standard beers with a strong malt or hop flavor. However, they also create more individual beers with flavors like fruit, caramel, and chocolate.

Twelve different alcoholic beverages can be found in this brewery's taproom, two of which are in-house wines made using the Saignee method. For those unfamiliar, this winemaking technique helps bring out more fruity notes.

Strange Fellow Brewing only accepts 50 guests at any given time, so if you want to visit, you'll need to arrive early. Also, parties with more than six people won't be entertained, so keep the number of people in your party to a minimum.

Like many other breweries, these folks serve a few dishes that go well with an ice-cold pint. Because of their compatibility with carbonated beverages in general, their sub sandwiches, in particular, have gained some renown.

Location: 1345 Clark Dr, Vancouver, BC V5L 3K9, Canada

3. Bomber Brewing Company

craft beer place in vancouver

Bomber Brewing offers a unique blend of beers for clients looking for something new on the market. The brewery offers a variety of menus for its blends so that clients can enjoy a unique experience every time they visit.

The price ranges are stated on the website, and the menus are displayed so the client can easily browse the selections and get adequate descriptions for their expected experience. For avid fans of the brand who also wish to wear their brand, they also offer their apparel.

Their beer blends are described as unique and special by both long-term customers and new consumers who wish to try their products.

Although the brewery is relatively small and can accommodate only a few customers at a time, clients usually appreciate this since it creates the right ambiance for their stay. Additionally, they only offer limited food menus to accompany their drinks, which could limit their services slightly.

Customers commend their staff's warm and friendly behavior toward them during the ordering process and customer interaction. In addition to being informative, they also make it a point to educate consumers about the blends they offer, a general topic of beer.

All of that is free for orders over $25 and available from Thursday through Saturday. They even have an outdoor patio that offers additional seating in warmer months.

Location: 1488 Adanac Street Vancouver, BC, Canada V5L 2C3

4. Brassneck Brewery

best craft beer in vancouver

As they are smaller than most other breweries in the lower mainland, Brassneck can focus more on creating quality beer.

This brewery uses 14 distinct fermenters, which allows them to cycle off several streams of alcohol quickly, which helps speed up the process. Additionally, they have a unique oak fermenter that gives the beer a distinctive flavor.

Visitors can enjoy the brewing process while they shop for new beer or sample new products thanks to the brewery's taproom and beer store, built right into the production floor.

Brassneck's beer frequently runs out within the day due to its high quality and small production. Going to the brewery as soon as they open is advisable if you want to grab a pack to take home.

Location: 2148 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T 3C5, Canada

5. Brewhall

cheep craft beer in vancouver

Brewhall built a beer hall that had great vibes and was influenced by their life. They offer 22 specialty lagers, juice taps, wine, whisky, AND mixed drinks. In addition, they provide excellent music, food, and board and arcade games. You are in charge; look around our space and make your memories! a great place for birthday celebrations in Vancouver.

Their beer hall offers a full menu that utilizes new and nearby fixings with an accentuation on produced using scratch items.

They provide affordable food that is nutritious, wholesome, and nourishing, with a balance of addictive, casual comfort food and healthful, modern meals. There is something for everyone, whether you want to share or indulge on your own.

You can let your inner child out and play and explore at BREWHALL. Try the most recent cocktail creations from our upstairs DRINKLAB or choose from 22 fresh beer taps, 8 of which are made on-site.

You can play your favorite pinball, Pacman, Big Buck Hunter, and arcade games like Golden Tee if you're here.

It's a different world up there; the setting is more personal and elements our DRINKLAB, where we offer north of 50 sorts of whisky from everywhere the world and an occasional, turning mixed drink list.

Take the trip to this fantastic location to try some of the best local guest beer taps, BC wine, and the most recent cocktails.

Their chefs focus on products made from scratch and use local and fresh ingredients. Their menu is designed to have something for everyone, with a mix of healthy modern meals and addictive casual comfort food.

Location: 97 east 2nd ave

6. Mark James Group

luxury craft beer in vancouver

Mark James Gathering is a foundation home to BC's art bottling works and refinery eateries. Established back in 1976, they have, from that point forward, become well known for their prominent food and drink blend alongside in general obliging client care.

Similar to their breweries and restaurants in Yaletown and Whistler, we discover that their locations are widespread and easily accessible to locals.

But remember that they might open a little later in the afternoon and at night, and customers who want to try all three pubs at once might need more time because they are in different neighborhoods.

In addition, their website is user-friendly and provides sufficient information about their restaurants' various services and menus.

We also find it impressive that we can employ brew masters to assist customers in selecting the beer blend they prefer and to ensure that the products they produce are of the highest possible quality and have a sophisticated flavor.

Location: 1830 Ontario Street, Vancouver BC

7. Terminal City Brewing

best craft vancouver breweries

Since its inception in 1993, Terminal City Brewing has provided some of the finest wines in Canada and original in-house beer recipes.

They are proud to produce their beers entirely from scratch. There are no syrups or extracts, only freshly milled malted barley.

They have it, thanks to their extensive selection of beer styles, which range from the lightest lagers to the darkest stouts.

We chose them because they allow you to bring your beer can or bottle. Another reason is that they are more than happy to modify their recipes to suit your preferences.

Forty-eight liters of beer are produced in each batch. Lagers and Pilsners take about 4-5 weeks to make, while ales can be had in two to three weeks.

All of Beer starts at $170.00 for a 48L batch of our basic Glacial Lager and goes up to $195.00 for a fully Custom IPA with your selection of hops.

A standard wine bottle is 750mL. Their 4-week WineXpert Classic kits start at $155.00 to $145.00, while their premium 8-week WineXpert Reserve kits for those who intend to cellar their bottles for quite some time come out at $245.00.

A good time for you to go here and take a giant grass of excellent beers. Their famous drink you should try at least once is Coastal Pale Ale ($175), Bravo Pale Ale ($175), Clarks Nut Brown Ale ($180), and Citra Ass Down Pale Ale ($185).

Location: 1616 Clark Dr. Vancouver, Bc V5L 4Y2

8. Dogwood Brewing

craft vancouver breweries

Dogwood Brewing is the only organic brewery in Vancouver, obtaining 90% of its ingredients from local producers.

Brewmaster Claire wants to make flavorful beers and provide customers with vast, excellent craft beer.

You will be treated with stunning service here. The staff is super fast and friendly. They always smile with energy to boost our mood on the moon. The tasting room is bright and airy, with benches and long tables for seating. It is best to welcome a group of friends.

For more? They have recently begun hosting board game nights and other events. So we bet you will have a memorable night with your friends if you go here with your thirst.

The tasting room always has four of Dogwood Brewing's most popular beers on tap. Expect at least one seasonal offering in addition to these flagship beers.

Naturally, you can bring their brews home in your growler, but if you forget, you can pick up one of their six-pack boxes for free.

Even though Dogwood Brewing is located in South Vancouver's Sunset neighborhood, it is still accessible by public transportation and well worth a visit.

Since we all know that beer and pizza are inseparable, remember to order one from Rocky Mountain Flatbread while you're there.

Location: 8284 Sherbrooke Street, Vancouver

9. East Van Brewing

drink craft beer in vancouver

Regarding beers and non-alcoholic beverages, East Van Brewing Co. offers a one-of-a-kind experience and unique blend. They even won the Canadian Craft Beer Award 2021 for their menu, which features their take on these drinks.

Customers looking for a specific beer-drinking experience will find their menu comprehensive and in-depth, outlining the items on it and what to anticipate. In addition, you can get free growlers and tasting flights by downloading their app and beginning to earn points in order to use their products and services.

Some of the best beers are Community Lager ($5), Kickstart Pale Ale ($5), Pickle Back ($5), Beer Flight ($6), and Cold Tortilla Chips ($6).

They will deliver on the same day, but they will deliver on weekdays. However, all of these things can be done online and from the comfort of the client's home. However, unlike their regular selection of beers, some beer blends are seasonal and only available for a short time.

However, there are few mentions of beer consultation for customers who require the service, but they are more than happy to answer any questions if you contact them during business hours.

Location: 1675 Venables St VANCOUVER, British Columbia V5L 2H1

10.33 Acres Brewing Company

craft beer restaurant vancouver

33 Acres has a wide selection of delicious foods to pair with its healthy selection of brews. The brewery owners say customers can come alone or with friends to meet new people over a cold beer.

Whether you're distant from everyone else or in a gathering, 33 Sections of land is glad to oblige its supporters with 3-lager test flights. Eleven of the best beers from the brewery are available to choose from, most of which have earthy, fruity flavors like caramel, smoked wood, and citrus.

The brewery also sells snacks like roasted potatoes, popcorn, chips & dip, and meat sticks to accompany your chosen beverages. You can select from the taco or house brunch menu if you're in the mood for something a little heavier.

You'll get a filling and delicious meal from either option, which is perfect for a long night of drinking beer and having fun.


Final Thought

Do you have any plans for the craft breweries tour with your friends in Vancouver?

Are you a fan of beer or wine?

Is there any spot in this post you have been trying yet?

Or If you have a question, please comment below. I'll be happy to help you answer them.

Thank you for taking the time to read! Have a blessed trip.

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