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Best Valentines Gift For Your Lover - Top 10 Vancouver Gift Shops

Struggling to find the perfect Valentines gift for your special someone in Vancouver? Fear not! 

In this city of scenic landscapes and romantic vibes, you can always find the ideal gift. 

It's time to say goodbye to the Valentine's Day gift stress and prepare for 'Oh wow!' from your lover!

Spoiler alert: chocolates are still on the table but with a twist! 

Check out this list and pick the best one!

Best Valentine Gifts Vancouver For Him

Wondering how to dazzle your guy in Vancouver this Day of Love

I've got the lowdown on 10 Valentines gift ideas that'll have your man swooning. Let's check!

A Watch

A Watch

Getting your guy a watch for Valentine's Day is giving him a slice of time with a side of style.


There are many watch designs out there to suit many different styles, whether he's into classic vibes, futuristic flair, or the sporty look. 

I guarantee this gift can leave your mark on his schedule and heart. Tick-tock, love o'clock!

A Wallet

A Wallet

Get ready to make him wallet-happy! A snazzy wallet is a pocket-sized upgrade for his style game. 

Choose one that matches his vibe; is he a leather legend or a cool canvas connoisseur? 

Ensure it has the right compartments for all his cards and secret snack stashes. 

You can also throw in a cheesy love note inside for a gift that cash in on both style and sentiment!

A Belt


Do you want to keep his pants securely in place? Definitely yes, right? So, grab your man a belt! 

Just opt for one that matches his swagger: leather for the suave, canvas for the casual cool. 

Don't forget to check his waist size; you're aiming for comfort for this Valentines gift, not a tourniquet! 



Nothing says ‘I've got my eyes on you’ like gifting your man a pair of snazzy glasses this Valentine's Day. 

Not just any glasses, though; I'm talking cool frames that turn his face into a masterpiece. You can pick Clark Kent vibes, hipster chic, or any other styles, depending on his personality. 

Choose wisely, and you'll have him seeing the world through love-tinted lenses.



What about swapping the chocolates for a novel idea? (literally)

Give your man the Valentines gift of literature and you two can get lost in a good book together!

Don't forget to choose according to the topic he likes. It's a plot twist he'll never see coming!

A Game Setup

A Game Setup

Love is serious business, but gaming should be seriously fun! So, level up your love game by gifting him the ultimate game setup! 

I mean, you can surprise your guy with things he can use in his game room. 

For example, a unique keyboard, a mouse that's quicker than Cupid's arrow, or a chair comfier than a love-struck sloth.



Consider giving him the gift of sweet sounds with the perfect pair of headphones! 

But which one should you choose, regular or gaming headphones? 

The answer depends on what he needs: regular ones for his daily grind and gaming headphones for a gamer. Just be sure they're noise-canceling. 

Believe me; love is louder with the right headphones!

A Pen

A Pen

Have you ever thought about gifting a pen? 

Because in the grand love story of life, every romantic twist and turn deserves to be inked with the perfect pen. 

If you don't know which style to choose, here is my recommendation:

  • Sleek for the sophisticated.

  • Quirky for the creative.

  • One with multiple colors for the guy who can't commit to just one.

Sounds simple, right?

A Bag

A Bag

Do you want to make sure he's carrying his heart (and maybe some snacks) in style? If yes, bag yourself some extra love points by getting him a bag. 

Whether it's a sporty backpack for his gym escapades or a sleek work bag for those Monday morning battles, choose a style that fits his vibe. He'll love it!

Chocolate and Wine Gift Basket

Chocolate and Wine Gift Basket

What about giving him a taste of romance with a chocolate and wine Valentines gift basket? 

Choose chocolates with flavors as rich as your love, and wine that's aged as perfectly as your relationship. It's a classic pairing! 

You two then can indulge in a sweet treat and cheers to love. How romantic!

Best Valentines Gifts Vancouver for Her

Can't think of anything other than flowers and chocolates for your girlfriend on the upcoming Valentine's Day? Ready to level up and surprise your special someone? 

Dive into this list with ten gift ideas for her!

Valentines Flowers

Valentines Flowers

The first idea that comes to your mind is flowers, like roses, right? Indeed, a bouquet blooming serious about romance is the best gift to say 'I love you' to your girl. 

I highly recommend Geneviève Rose Bouquet for bold girls and Kennedy Dried Bouquet for gentle girls. 

And don't forget the card; make it sweet and funny!

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear

No girl can refuse the cuteness of a teddy bear!

Just gift a bear that's as huggable as your relationship and as cute as a kitten wearing sunglasses. 

Don’t hesitate to go big and go fluffy! It's the gift that keeps on giving warm fuzzies.



It is a fact that every girl loves shoes, whether it's glamorous high heels or comfy sneakers. 

So, find the perfect pair that will have her walking on cloud nine (or at least in style). 

Remember, the right shoes can conquer any love terrain. 



What about cosmetics

I know that men don't have much knowledge about these things but there are many people around who can help you! Just ask her friends or sisters about the style she likes. 

Then, go to a reputable store and choose quality cosmetics, it can be lipstick, skin care products, or anything useful.

Valentines Chocolates

Valentines Chocolates

Can't miss chocolate on Valentine's Day! Treat her taste buds to a symphony of sweetness! 

Chocolate-covered strawberries are the top candidates in this category because they are both delicious and beautiful. 

For example, this Egg Nog Box will make the heart of the girl you love melt with strawberries as sweet as your love.



Is your girl a book lover? Great! Think about her literary taste. Then, pick a romantic novel that makes her heart race or a comedy that tickles her funny bones. 

What's even better is that she will be able to keep this gift forever and remember you every time she opens it.

Scented Candles

Eden of Flowers Candle

A scented candle is a timeless gift idea for a girl. Why do I say that? It can transport her to a romantic paradise, whether it's Eden of Flowers for a flower vibe, Sound Healing Bath for relaxation, or Moroccan Spa for... well, a spa treat. 

It's the gift that keeps the sparks flying, minus the smoke detector drama. 

Color Box

Color Box

Finding the perfect gift for the Picasso of your heart? Consider a color box! 

Remember, it must match her artistic flair, whether it's watercolors or crayons. With this gift, she can turn every canvas into a gallery of memories. 

Get ready for a Valentine's Day filled with hues, kisses, and maybe a little paint on the nose!


Headphones for Her

I love the idea of being the soundtrack to her heart. That's why headphones are on this list. 

Consider wireless and noise-canceling options to give her the best experience while listening to her playlist or on the phone call with you.



Women become more beautiful with jewelry.

Go to a reputable jewelry store and choose a carefully curated combination of a necklace, earrings, or bracelet that matches her sparkle. 

Don't forget to ask those close to her about her favorite style.

Spa Card

A Day at Spa 

The last best gift idea is giving her the gift of relaxation with a spa card. 

Choose a spa treatment she'll adore, whether it's a massage that kneads away stress or a facial that leaves her glowing bright. 

It's the perfect way to pamper the queen of your heart, ensuring she feels as cherished as a bubble bath on a lazy Sunday.

10 Best Vancouver Gift Shops in 2024

I've scoured Vancouver for the 10 best gift shops in 2024 to make your quest a breeze. Let's check what they are! 

Craft Maison

First up is Craft Maison, nestled on Commercial Drive, which has an extensive array of locally crafted goodies, from stationery to seasonal gems. 

And I appreciate their knowledgeable and friendly staff. I guarantee that gift-hunting in this shop is a joy.

Address: 1740 Commercial Drive

La Fraise Rose

Next on the list is La Fraise Rose, a haven for those who appreciate the classics: flowers, chocolate-covered strawberries, and scented candles. 

It's basically the perfect place to grab something sweet and romantic with rapid Valentines gift delivery.

Address: 481 West 6th Avenue

Saul Good Gift Co.

For those seeking the gift of sustainability, look no further than Saul Good Gift Co., a certified B Corporation store. 

There, you'll find gift baskets which are a symphony of local treats. They're thoughtfully curated for a guilt-free indulgence.

Address: 210 West Hastings 

Local Boom

If you're on a quest for top-notch gifts that won't break the bank, check out Local Boom on East Broadway. 

This shop (both offline and online) has a mix of local treasures, including skincare, body care, bath bombs, and pet products. 

Address: 504 East Broadway

Giving Gifts

Giving Gifts offers an impressive range of gifts, including skincare, clothing, jewelry, and baby products. 

The best part is that there are free shipping vouchers for orders above CAD 100. Sounds great, right?

Address: 4570 Main Street


For the creative souls, MAKE steals the spotlight with its online platform. 

Even though it has a physical store, I still prefer its online store because of its organized categories and handy gift finder. 

Personalization is key here, so you can add a touch of uniqueness to your chosen items. 

Address: 1648 Duranleau

Walrus Design Inc.

Walrus Design Inc. stands out with its warehouse of Canadian-made gifts for the home. 

There, you'll easily find colorful prints, pampering products, games for the kids, and more. This store has something for everyone!

Address: 3408 Cambie

Much & Little

I love Much & Little because it's a boutique with a focus on timeless styles and high-quality craftsmanship. 

And it's your go-to shop if you're looking for clothing, accessories, household wares, books, and stationery.

Address: 2543 Main Street

Fine Finds Boutique

Another option for clothes and accessories is Fine Finds Boutique. I recommend it as a one-stop shop for all occasions.

This shop combines trendy womenswear, jewelry, bags, and footwear with a wide array of gifts. 

Address: 1014 Mainland

Vancouver Special

Finally, we have Vancouver Special, a shop where you can find funky home decor items. 

There are unique finds, from quirky desktop organizers, dishes, and mats to stylish furniture like beanbag chairs, poufs, and carpets. 

Address: 3612 Main Street

Final Thought

Well, love explorers, we've reached the end of our quest through Vancouver for the ultimate Valentines gift. Who knew finding the perfect gift could be this much fun?

Stepping into these shops, besides chocolates and flowers, you'll find love potion suppliers with a quirky twist. There is something your lover appreciates!

Happy Valentine's Day! 


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