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Top 8 Flowers That Symbolize Hope & Luck

Flowers That Symbolize Hope & Luck
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In a world bursting with hues, flowers are a bright spot. Flowers come in various shades, each with a unique meaning and symbolism. Depending on the species, flowers come in a broad range of sizes, hues, and forms. According to their history, the shade may also have special meanings for particular times, holidays, or events.

A new year brings anticipation for what might occur and the desire that it will go well. Possessing flowers and plants in your home that are thought to bring luck will boost your chances. Some fresh plants and flowers can increase your luck in love, riches, fortune, and health in addition to the health-improving advantages they already offer, such as clearing the air and lowering stress.

If you're searching for something a little simpler to obtain, I compiled a list of the top 5 flowers and plants that will bring wealth, love, friendship, and good fortune to your house and garden. Take notice that all of these plants and flowers are simple to maintain, and who knows how lucky you might be!

I really believe in the uplifting influence of flowers. Your landscape will look cheerier if you have these.

Iris Flower

Iris Flower
Iris Flower

“Iris is a genus of flowering plants with 310 recognized species with colorful blooms.”

Iris has both the common name and the scientific name for all varieties of Iris and some types from other closely related genera. Greek mythology uses it as a symbol as well. The flower is frequently linked to Iris, the goddess of rainbows and a divine messenger.

On their trip to paradise, feminine souls had the goddess Iris at their sides. There is still a tradition in Greece of placing purple irises on female graves in the hope that Iris will guide the dead to their final resting place.

In order to symbolize strength and success, Egyptians decorated the pharaohs' scepters with these blossoms.

If you're looking to free up your kitchen space to get inspired or simply pick a new friend for "the lush kids" in your garden, this rainbow Iris angel will never let you down!

Myosotis Flower

Myosotis Flower
Myosotis Flower

“Myosotis also referred to as "forget-me-not," represents the desire for enduring love as well as memory, sincere and enduring love, faith, and loyalty.”

The actual forget-me-not flower, Myosotis, is supported by thick, hairy stalks that can occasionally grow to a height of 2 feet (61 cm). From May through October, charming five blue blossoms with golden centers erupt from the stalks. Often the petals of flowers are pink.

Forget-me-not plants frequently grow next to brooks, streams, and other bodies of water because these areas provide the high humidity and wetness that this species prefers. Because the leaves resemble a mouse's ear, the genus name "Myosotis" is Greek and means "mouse's ear."

This Myosotis is a beautiful little gift but also heals anyone's soul wounds. If someone needs your help, don't forget to give it to them as a word of encouragement.

Hydrangea Flower

Hydrangea Flower
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The English name is Hortensia hydrangea, native to Japan. Then quickly spread to China, Southeast Asia, South Asia and the Americas.

For a long time, hydrangeas appear and show their beautiful beauty, just looking at them is enough to make people flutter.

The hydrangea tree is 1-3m high, luxuriant green leaves and branches, suitable for a temperature of 20-25 degrees Celsius, is extremely healthy, does not need much care, still grows lush. The stem has many branches, large leaves, flowers often grow in large clusters. The flower blooms more than a human hand, a round flower is a collection of many extremely beautiful lithium flowers.

When in full bloom, hydrangea has many interesting colors such as pink, white, purple, red, light blue. Closer to the flower garden, you will smell a gentle, pleasant fragrance.

The hydrangea flower with each tiny petal, crowded together to form a large flower showing brilliant colors, anyone passing by must stop to look a little.

In the US, Hydrangea flowers mean the pursuit of happiness, praying for the recipient to have a happy and peaceful life. It can be seen that on many occasions, this flower is appearing everywhere such as weddings, marriage proposals, birthdays, congratulations, anniversaries.

If you have apologized to someone, use hydrangeas to send a sincere apology to that person. Surely they will feel the love you have for them is not diminished at all.

Passiflora Flower

Passiflora Flower
Passiflora Flower

“The Passiflora flower represents both the hope of eternal life and the suffering of Jesus Christ.”

The main genus of the Passifloraceae flowering plants, Passiflora—also known as the vibrant flowers or the vigorous vines—contains roughly 550 flowering plants. Most of them are vine plants, while a few are shrubs or trees. They can be either herbaceous or woody.

In the 15th and 16th centuries, Catholic priests gave it the name "Passion" in honor of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ's sufferings and death were meant to make it easier for people to understand. They discovered several parallels between both the plant and the uplifting account of Christ.

Bethlehem Star Flower

"This flower symbolizes hope, purity, and happiness because of its biblical connotations. Only when the sun is fully out will the blossoms bloom"

The linear foliage is green, with a white stripe running down the middle of each leaf. The Star of Bethlehem is a Spring-blooming plant that develops an extended branch of tiny white flowers in the form of stars, each with a hint of light green on the back. Only when the sun is fully out will the blossoms bloom.

The flower known as the Star of Bethlehem gets its name from the unusual star shape and all-white petals on its petals. Because of this, one of the most widely accepted theories connects the plant to the birth of Jesus. This flower stands for salvation and hope in this sense.

According to legend, a star in Bethlehem directed the three wise men to baby Jesus. Once the star had completed its task, God thought it was too beautiful to banish. He broke it into countless pieces, and as they fell to the ground, the Star of Bethlehem flower that we know and love today was born.


Source: Facebook

“For several reasons, the sunflower represents optimism, brightness, and joy. In myth, culture, and history, the sunflower represents optimism, joy, and rebirth.”

Plants of the Helianthus genus within the flowering plant family. Asteraceae is known by the common name "sunflower" (known as the aster, daisy, or sunflower family). It is also frequently called the annual Helianthus annuus, the common sunflower. It is distinguished by a long stem and a massive flowering head (inflorescence) containing large seeds.

Sunflowers turn to face the sun in order to capture more sunlight.Seeing the positive side of anyone or anything makes it a sign of optimism and hope.

The sunflower is Clytie's Greek national symbol (a water nymph). She turns into a sunflower after mourning the loss of her beloved Apollo. Clytie (posing as a sunflower) always looks toward the sun hoping that Apollo's chariot will pass by and bring her and her lover back together. In Chinese culture, the sunflower is linked to luck and long life.

Snowdrop (Glanthus)

Snowdrop Flower
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“The snowdrop has been a symbol of new beginnings, rebirth, humility, purity, innocence, and optimism for centuries.”

The snowdrop, or Galanthus nivalis, is one of the earliest and most beautiful spring flowering bulbs, providing a burst of color and beauty to the garden in the waning days of winter and the first weeks of spring.

The color of the flowers inspired the Greek words gala (meaning "milk") and Anthos (meaning "flower"), which together form the genus name. The snowdrop's white, teardrop-shaped flowers give the plant its common name.

After Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden, the angel supposedly handed them snowdrops to remind them of their time there. It represented perseverance and the will to succeed.

The snowdrop is the sole flower in Russian tradition that is said to have braved the treacherous old mother Winter by making its way through deep snow.

Yellow tulips

Yeallow Tulips Flower
Source: Facebook

“Yellow tulips are symbols of happiness, hope, and joy. People in the Victorian era thought giving someone yellow tulips meant "there's sunshine in your smile.”

Except for true blue, tulip blossoms come in various colors, ranging from the brightest white through all hues of yellow and red to brown, the deepest purple, and almost black.

Because they are sure to make the recipient smile, yellow tulips have become a favorite gift.

The meaning of yellow tulips in life brings positivity, optimism, and resilience. Yellow tulips also symbolize fame, wealth, and eternal life. The important message is, "No matter how difficult it is, how many obstacles are not enough to make us fall."

A bouquet of yellow tulips is the best choice if you want to pull someone out of a dark abyss. With sparkling gold, fragile yet powerful and shining with joy and joy, the bouquet will surely make those who are feeling bored full of life and energy.

To choose beautiful yellow tulips with unique and unusual designs, you should rely on your preferences and find and order flowers at an address that provides quality yellow tulip varieties. Because now, there are many fresh flower shops, for some small profit, that offer customers poor quality flowers, which fade quickly and the price is too high compared to the actual value of tulips. Besides, when choosing a gift, you should have an idea of ​​​​your bouquet and wrapping paper that is suitable for the recipient and accompanied by a small gift, such as a card, teddy bear, or cake, ... to create more impressions—an excellent image to the opponent.

Lotus Flower

White Lotus Flower
Source: Facebook

“From murky waters, the lotus flower grows pure and gorgeous. It stands for progress, regeneration, purity, and hope.”

For the country of Egypt, the lotus flower symbolizes the best things, like the sun's rays of heaven and earth, opening bright things. The lotus is considered the most sacred flower in Egypt, spreading the fragrance of life in the Holy Land.

In India, the bright pink color mixed with a bit of pure white light without any mud represents the morality and purity of each person. The lotus symbolizes the sacred and is associated with the gods in this country. The beauty of flowers contrasts with their origin and, at the same time, shows the power of the gods, wealth, and beauty in the soul.

The Japanese use the lotus flower to express pure beauty, an intact soul amidst a life full of temptations and stings. There isn't need to retreat to a deserted place like the orchid or chrysanthemum in the sacred forest, because the lotus flower is still present in modern society, but the soul cannot be tainted.

In VietNam, The lotus flower is a long-standing cultural symbol in everyone's mind. It can be said that the lotus is the only flower that shows nobility in human life, philosophy, culture, and the five elements of yin and yang. The lotus flower represents the strong will of the Vietnamese people, and thousands of years of domination and war have not shaken that unyielding will.

In general, The symbolism of the lotus blossom is potent because it gives those having a hard time in their daily life hope and courage. It serves as an example that no matter where you begin in life or what you are going through, you can rise above, overcome all adversity, and find joy as you come out on the other side.


Although flowers are typically linked with joy and happy situations, they can also have some more significance. For instance, the "farewell" flower is frequently given to someone leaving on a lengthy journey. This flower's name is so depressing because it is typically given as a farewell gift to someone moving away permanently.

Even though they're not the cheeriest flowers, they're still a lovely way to let your loved ones know that you'll miss them while they're away. So, remember that this flower is heavy beneath its petals if you ever encounter it in person.

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