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8 Hippest Cafes Serving The Best Coffee in Vancouver

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

The Best Coffee in Vancouver
Image source: Bisou Bake House

Ahhh, coffee …some people can't stand the taste, while others simply don't have enough. Whether you love it or hate it - there's just something about the aroma of coffee beans in the morning that's simply magical.

Vancouver - a refreshing oasis for coffee addicts. And more and more coffee shops are opening with different styles and purposes, but the common point is that they all desire to bring the best and best quality coffee to their coffee-loving friends.

Here are 8 excellent cafés you must visit if you're seeking a location that serves the best coffee and delectable pastries.

1. Revolver

best coffee shop in Vancouver
Image source: Revolver

Located in Gastown, dressed in luxury style, Revolver is one of Vancouver's most famous cafes with a daily rotating menu that blends the everyday coffee experience. The shop is adorned with the dominant white color, trendy wooden bricks, and an eye-catching hand-painted wall painting.

Prepare a beautiful soul to explore the extensive menu at the counter, some of which appeal to me, like an Aeropress, Pourover, or French Press style coffee. Or more commonly such as Espresso, Macchiato, and Cappuccino. And if you're not ready for an overwhelming menu, Revolver's friendly staff will recommend the best based on your preferred coffee or flavor.

You can also easily order a coffee cake for $5; the quality is better than expected. The cake is soft with chocolate flavor and decorated with heaps of lovely raspberries that easily make your taste buds soar. In addition to this cake, the shop serves a variety of delicious muffins, cookies, and cakes.

Now, if you are here, don't forget to rate a cake to enjoy with a delightful and delicious coffee.

2. 49th Parallel Cafe & Lucky's Doughnuts

best coffee shop in Vancouver
Image source: undercovergrublovers

A hustling and affordable coffee shop in Downtown Vancouver.

No wonder some of the best coffee can be found here. Donuts have ample space, and with many seats, a good idea is to have a healthy breakfast with a soft sweet donut and a delicious cup of coffee. A little Latte Iced, Chai Latte, or Moccachino will brighten your day.

In addition to coffee, they also serve many other dishes such as Decaf, Tea, Merchandise, Brewing, and Donuts. Feel hungry? Come here and enjoy delicious pies, bacon donuts, tasty cinnamon donuts, lemon meringue, or almond croissants.

Doughnuts are also known for their excellent service, friendly, attentive staff, and always ready to help you anytime. You will surely be addicted to the tranquil atmosphere, the lovely decor of this place, and the fine coffee.

3. Breka Bakery & Cafe

best coffee in Vancouver
Image source: Breka Bakery & Cafe

Breka Bakery & Cafe is famous for its crazy variety with low prices, like a chocolate éclair ($5), London fog donut ($2.50), and Pistachio filled donut ($3.25). The shop has a good focus on making mochas with different distinctive flavors. The most popular flavors are black forest mocha, salted caramel, white chocolate peppermint & raspberry.

The shop's exterior is camouflaged with bright and delicate white crystal glass. Entering the store, but the scent of coffee accompanied by an assortment of flavors from vanilla to chocolate and matcha of cakes neatly displayed in boxes stretching from the entrance to the back door of the store can also make your heart flutter. Not only are their cheddar jalapeno scones and earl gray shortbread cookies delicious, but they also have fantastic cakes like Caramel hazelnut macchiato cake with unique decorations. Breka is a reliable, quick stop for some pastry, coffee, and sweet and savory delights.

The most exciting thing is perhaps the store's opening time. Unlike other cafes, Breka is open 24/24, so you can get your coffee and pastries whenever you see fit.

4. JJ Bean Coffee Roasters

best coffee shop in Vancouver
Image source:

The most incredible spot to enjoy your morning coffee while observing daily life. A harmony of complexity and drinkability distinguishes JJ Bean's proprietary roasting method for coffee. The drink menu pleases you with everything from coffee and tea. to cakes. JJ Bean is consistent in the quality of its coffee, whether it's a Latte, Mocha, Decaf, or Americano. Super smooth and bold espresso, higher quality teas. Both the Eastside Blend and Decaf are as delicious as their delicious chocolate chip cookies and croissants.

Despite being a commercial chain, JJ Bean maintains excellent quality in its coffee products. Also, this place is always busy with a large number of customers from morning to night, but the chairs are great for you to sit back while waiting for a hot cup of coffee.

JJ Bean is an excellent stop on your Vancouver trip. Pure enjoyment!

5. Small Victory Bakery

Best Cafe in Vancouver
Image source: Small Victory Bakery

Located in Yaletown, Bakery Victory is small but proudly shining in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

Even though the business is a bakery, coffee products are not a second thought. They serve all the standard coffee shop fare and do it well. The strong espresso, chilled milk, and moderate quantity of syrup in the iced latte were in perfect harmony. Vanilla and Salted Caramel were two of the more common flavors they offered. I would really want to see additional alternatives in that area. A store like this, with as much emphasis on craft as they do, may do well with more diversity And adventurous flavor profiles for their drinks. However, they definitely get points in my book for the salted caramel.

Here you can get a black Espresso to try if you're a fan of bitter and sour tastes. Or an espresso (Bolivian Honey) which is supposed to have tasting notes of melon, vanilla, and Honey for an oat milk latte. It is delicious. Overall, Small Victory was indeed a win. It a worth venturing on your trip to beautiful Vancouver city.

6. Bisou Bake House

Best Cafe shop in Vancouver
Image source: Bisou Bake House

Glorious dawn of coffee flavor, Bisou Bake offered coffee roasted to perfection and made for delicious pleasure. At Bisou Bake, you will be served exceptional coffee that will meet and exceed your expectations, just like we are talking about our anniversary. They offer free Wifi and a lot of comfortable chair for worker - a perfect place for someone want to find a new fresh air to finish their works.

Bisou Bake truly focuses on everything about coffee, from the modern espresso machine to the fermentation process in each roasting cycle. It's a breakthrough that you can taste and feel the difference from the first time. The baristas at this upscale café in Vancouver are happy to alter any flavor to your preferences. My preferred selection when visiting this place is the coffee cheesecake, which is thick and creamy.

7. Flourist Bakery

Best cafe shop in Vancouver
Image source: Flourist Bakery

A full-service bakery, The Flourist Bakery offers sourdough bread, sweets, and specialty coffee. They offer an extensive all-day menu of sweet sweets, pastries, daily flatbreads, grain salads, freshly milled flour, and premium dry products. Here you can enjoy all food delectable vegan options as well. And all bread and baked goods are created using only freshly milled flour produced on-site.

Another unique part was a room with glass windows where you could see them making dough. Amazingly, you might want to stop and observe how the staff there creates the bread and dough. The seating area has a lot of comfortable tables and chairs, which is exceptionally lovely. Despite the layout's significance, it can get busy, so weekends are when you should expect to wait.

8. Pallet Coffee Roasters

Best Coffee in Vancouver
Pallet Coffee Roasters

Pallet Coffee is the place to go for an exceptional cup of coffee! This location of Pallet Roasters is bright, open, and welcoming.

What impressed me when coming to Pallet was the delicious coffee and clean atmosphere of the shop. The Faffra Latte is my favorite; it's hot, not overly sweet or bitter, and has just the right amount of chocolate and orange flavor. The two marshmallows are also a great touch because they give me the impression that a cozy campfire or fireplace curled me up. For coffee lovers, Pallet uses Benchmark Espresso in this latte.

Plus, it is such an excellent breakfast point served with a simple side salad of mixed greens dancing in a delightfully sweet dressing is what dreams are made of for Vancouver.

Not only was the quality of the coffee delicious the service was so sweet and charming that I would love to make this my local spot!

Final Thought

I'd love to hear about your planned trip to Vancouver.

Will you take time for which coffee shop first?

Has any coffee in this post you have been trying yet?

Or If you have any questions, please comment below. I'll be happy to help you answer all of them.

Thank you for taking the time to read! Have a blessed trip.

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