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Best Ice Cream in Vancouver You Must Try At Least Once

Best Ice Cream in Vancouver
Best Ice Cream in Vancouver

What could be better than mixing your love for ice cream with the summer weather? Sunny days are paired best with icy treats, and if you're craving luscious, fruity ice cream, make sure you pop into one of these stunning spots. The flavors will rock your world!

1. Soft Peaks Ice Cream

best ice cream parlors in vancouver
Image source: bytiffaney

Tucked away in the corner of Gastown, Soft Peaks Cream is a cute little spot that serves 100% purest ice cream in Vancouver.

A small ice cream shop serves sundaes made with Avalon organic milk and premium toppings. It results in a refreshing, creamy, all-natural dessert with lower calories and fat than normal ice cream.

Pick up some of Soft Peaks' incredible ice cream creations:

The first one is Rocky Mountain ($3) with condensed milk for you. The ice cream is smooth, creamy, and, beyond words, delicious.

Small Gastown ($6.75) Signature twist topped with homemade Tiramisu toppings. The ice cream matches perfectly with the bitterness of the cocoa powder and espresso.

Small Green Forest ($6.25) Organic Premium Matcha powder, sweet red beans, and condensed milk on top. Matcha flavors were robust and balanced with the red beans' sweetness and condensed milk.

Chestnut (Mont Blanc) - Sweetened chestnut chunks combined with very smooth sweetness didn't overpower the chestnut flavor.

Green forest ($6) with nicely cooked red bean and condensed milk matcha!

Blue Mountain $5.75) with a weird combination of chocolate and soft blueberry syrup. A uniquely milky and luxurious texture and taste!

Rocky Mountain ($5.50) with a twist and matcha syrup twist cone combine a nice coconut texture on top. A wonderful taste sensation

Matcha Mori ($6.25) comes with twist milk and a matcha shot over the soft serve. Super yummy!

The Honeycomb - The cereal at the bottom is an added crunch, making it unique!

The store has a comfy cool sitting area on the second floor. So if you're shopping around Gas Town, go for this heaven ice cream place.

Address: 25 Alexander St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1B2, Canada

Hours: 10am - 10pm


2. Mister

Best Ice cream spots in vancouver
Image source: Mister

This adorable ice cream cafe has a warm, inviting space with long tables to mingle at while enjoying your choice of delectable goodness. A perfect spot for some refreshing liquid nitrogen ice cream after lunch!

Also, the store is close to Yaletown Roundhouse SkyTrain station (less than 5 min for a walk).

Mister serves premium quality Liquid Nitrogen ice cream, and its ingredients are sourced from local farmers who strive to support the B.C.

They offer a variety of flavors such as creme brûlée, vegan coffee, Thai milk tea, milo, and many more in either cones, cups, or sandwiches. Fantastic place for a snack or dessert after dinner!

Pick up Full S'mores ice cream bar ($9) with Chocolate dipped in ice cream, marshmallow fluff covered with crushed graham crackers, and blow torched. It is insane in each perfectly balanced bite.

The Creme brulee Ice cream ($8) features sweet caramelized sugar and smooth, creamy vanilla bean ice cream.

Thai Milk Tea ($3) with smooth liquid nitrogen ice cream melts with a rich, subtle tea flavor held by a fresh waffle cone.

You must try Ice Cream Sandwiches ($3) with an oreo cookie crust that simultaneously comes super chewy and crunchy. The ice cream sandwich had a crispy oreo cookie crust with sexy sweet caramelly.

The Nanaimo Bar ($4) consists of layers of graham wafer crumb and coconut flakes, custard-flavored butter icing in the center, and chocolate ganache.

There are no seats inside, But there are plenty of benches outside the store, which is perfect on a sunny day.

This spot will take your taste buds for a ride!

Address: 1141 Mainland St, Vancouver, BC V6B 5P2, Canada

Hours: 2pm - 9pm


3. Elephant Garden Creamery

Best Ice Cream shops in vancouver
Image source: Elephant Garden Creamery

Beautiful ice cream shop with excellent interior design, Elephant Garden Creamery is well, kind on your mind with the best ice cream flavor.

It was a relaxed and easygoing atmosphere with its light, airy atmosphere and wooden touches.

Despite the impressive choices in Vancouver, Elephant Garden Creamery holds a soft spot in your heart with its Asian flavors, from Hong Kong Milk Tea to Vietnamese Coffee and Mango Coconut Sticky Rice.

Mango Coconut Sticky Rice ($6) with coconut and mango syrup drizzled throughout creamy and sweet flavor.

You'll fall in love with the VEGAN Mango Coconut Sticky Rice. It tasted EXACTLY like the dessert, and every bite made you feel like you were on a hot tropical beach in Thailand.

Try combo ice cream mini ($13 for four scoops) for enjoying different flavors, including Passionfruit Pineapple Mojito (vegan) with smooth fruity, and yummy mojito, Cookies & Cream Monster with lighter flavors like the cookie chunks, Viet Coffee & H.K. Milk Tea with solid and great texture without being melty.

Yuzu ($6) is light and not overly sweet paired with the warm toast, the hot work, harmony beside the caramel drizzle, and the hazelnut topping all the crunch and subtle sweetness altogether!

Lavender Earl Grey ($5) offers subtle notes of lavender, a hint of honey, and a soft floral scent.

The Matcha Honeycomb Nugget ($4) is a yummy treat with delicious honey and sweet matcha at the bottom.

Elephant Garden Creamery is the perfect place to cleanse the palate and end the night!

Address: 2080 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC V5N 4B2, Canada

Hours: 1pm - 10pm


4. Motoretta Gelato

Best ice cream place in vancouver
Image source: motorettagelato

A fresh breeze blows the new ice cream flavor to Vancouver; Motoretta Gelato pays special attention to the quality of the Cream and the care service.

The interior is gorgeous, with big windows and lots of natural light that make you feel relaxed once you enjoy your yummy ice cream.

You will love their rotating menu of unique flavors that can't be found elsewhere and are made with such quality and attention to taste.

You'll find delicious gelato and the granita – a refreshing slush treat served with brioche.

The ice cream from Motoretta's ($3) promises "maximum happiness, minus the guilt" – a tall order considering that it uses local, seasonal ingredients with traditional methods. But it's still intensely flavored, with classic options that include vanilla bean, Belgium dark chocolate, strawberries, and crème.

The store also serves vegan ice creams from brown rice and other natural ingredients.

If you have not tried this place yet, you must come for yourself!

Address: 1001 West Cordova St Vancouver BC

Hours: Sun-Thurs 11-10pm; Fri-Sat 11-11pm


5. Uno Gelato

Best Ice cream restaurant in vancouver
Image source: vancouverfoodsaddiction

Uno Gelato, a charming little find on the road to the museum, offers ice cream not just to passing tourists but also to locals who like the treat.

They have a genius menu for all seasons. The hot Chocolate feature was one of the best that can be found here, with a dark chocolate (vegan) gelato that you mix with some To Live For poppyseed loaf.

After that, you can go for Fior De Latte ($6), a Matcha Gelato ($6), and Chocolate Goat Milk ($4).

Want a big favor? Try Milano White Coffee ($4) with creamy color and strong prominent coffee or Midnight Chocolate ($4) with decadent vegan and chocolaty flavors, or Roasted Black Sesame ($3) with a soft texture.

Address:1055 Canada Pl #36, Vancouver, BC V6C 3T4, Canada

Hours: 11am - 10pm


6. Bella Gelateria

Best Ice Cream store in Vancouver
Image source: vantasticfeasts

With their renowned ice cream brand, Bella Gelateria, which has been ranked number one by food bloggers, been dubbed a "Gelato worshipers Temple," and received accolades in Italy for their gelato, may defeat any rival.

They change their flavors with the seasons and use Avalon's Organic milk for their gelato.

This is a beautiful ice cream place. The combination of excellent quality ingredients and freshly made ice cream daily provides a truly delicious treat.

The store is straightforward yet attractive, with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. With your pals, you can have a good time in this lovely, spacious, and spotless place.

Popular choices include the Black Sesame, Earl Grey, Chocolate Pistachio, BC Strawberry, Roasted Pecan, and Stracciatella.

AKBAR MASHTI ($3), with the flavor of flowers and nuttiness of saffron, makes it sound exotic and fancy.

SALTED HAZELNUT ($3) with flavors such as sea salted caramel, pretty salty and pretty sweet.