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9 Best Pizzas in Downtown Vancouver Get You An Authentic Taste

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Best Pizzas in Downtown Vancouver

Thin crust or thick crust? Hawaiian or pepperoni? Truffle or egg toppings? How about you try them all at these best pizzerias in Vancouver!

Whether it's a sunny or rainy day, as long as you're in this bustling city of Vancouver, pamper your hungry stomach with a naughty but delicious pizza with the most irresistible taste on the planet.

Holy wait, a start on this list of the 9 best pizzas in downtown Vancouver will save you time looking for the perfect destination of your life.

It only takes 3 minutes, and you have the best pizza restaurant you don't want to miss ever.

Fill the pizza-shaped hole in your heart, and let's dive into it now…

9 Best Pizzas in Downtown Vancouver Get You An Authentic Taste

01. The Parlor

Best Pizzas in Downtown Vancouver
Image source: The Parlor

Located at Hamilton stress, The Parlor is a place for people hungry for tasty Italian and Canadian pizzas style.

The decoration is like magic. This spot won't disappoint if you're looking for a friendly and cozy atmosphere, cocktails, and exceptional wines.

In this lovely restaurant, you will find the meal you're seeking, like scrumptious handcrafted pizzas.

It's a restaurant and a bar, and at about ten o'clock, they play modern hip-hop music that will make you have a great time. The menu offers a variety of selections, including hand-crafted pizza.

Besides, the restaurant serves delicious pizzas like Goldmember pizza, Fungi pizza, vegan pizza, gluten-free pizza, and many more.

Remember to include the 610 dipping sauce. Drinks arrive quickly, and the cuisine is delicious. Make a reservation since this restaurant fills up quickly.

If you're here in Vancouver city, this is a must-see attraction. The portions remain reasonable, and you get to taste more stuff.

The parlor provides excellent customer service. The waiter is attentive and involved, and they are welcoming and appear genuinely delighted to be at work.

Depending on your preferences, you can also order your food online and choose between home delivery and takeout. If you're in the area, we recommend stopping by around a happy hour.

Time: 12 pm - 11 pm

Address: 1011 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC V6B 5T4, Canada


02. Straight Outta Brooklyn NYC Pizzeria

Best Pizzas in Downtown Vancouver
Image source: Straight Outta Brooklyn NYC Pizzeria

Straight Outta Brooklyn NYC Pizzeria has the most excellent Pizza around Downtown Vancouver if you're searching for a quick, delicious supper.

This is a New York-style pizza joint with limited indoor seating. Try this restaurant once, and you'll be back for a piece over your lunch break if you want pizza!

The restaurant also serves some of the best Italian and Canadian fast food in Toronto and Vancouver. Straight Outta Brooklyn provides terrific pizza and a modern space (particularly with their marquee lights!).

They may not have the broadest menu, but they do an excellent job with their delectable pizzas. You cannot consume pizza from other Vancouver restaurants after dining here.

Dive into some pizzas such as Margherita, Pepperoni, Salami, and more. White (Four Cheese), Classic (Pepperoni), and Parma pizza (prosciutto and mushrooms) are all must-orders; they're all tasty and freshly baked. The crust is thin, somewhat crispy, and burnt, as everyone prefers.

The staff is friendly and accommodating, and you are always greeted at the door and attended to while you are served.

Furthermore, the cuisine is reasonably priced and of high quality. The Restaurant also offers expert delivery and pickup services.

If you're traveling, get this spot for a memorable experience with your family or friends.

Time: 11:30 am - 10 pm

Address: 350 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2B2, Canada


03. Romano's Pizza

Straight Outta Brooklyn NYC Pizzeria
Image source: Romano's Pizza

Romano's Pizza is open at 995 Granville St, Vancouver, within a few minutes walk of downtown Vancouver.

Here you will have authentic and tasty Pizza with a calm, exceptional dining experience.

When you have your slice, you can choose from a variety of pizzas with a wide variety of toppings, such as the Romano special, Pepperoni Pizza, BBQ Chicken Pizza, and others.

Custom pizza with roasted artichokes, spicy roasted mushrooms, ham, and roasted tomatoes is a must-try.

You can come here late at night for some late-night street pizza. Surprisingly, they constantly have new types of Pizza that are different from conventional pizza establishments.