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The 10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas In Vancouver

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

As Christmas is around the corner, you will feel excited about Christmas trees, decorating with sparkling lights, and lovely gifts for your loved ones, right?

That’s why many people are searching for the ideal Christmas gifts for family, friends, and colleagues in Vancouver.

So today, We've curated a list of the top 10 Christmas gift shops in this beautiful city, each offering a distinctive selection to make your holiday shopping a breeze.

The Top Christmas Gift Shops in Vancouver

There are many criteria for evaluating a store. We want you to have the most fun and fabulous shopping experience, so the four factors below are the basic requirements for us to list ten worthy Christmas gift stores for the best shopping in Vancouver.

  • Shop Catalog – The store's items should be new and able to keep up with the latest popular trends today.

  • Online Platform – Online payment methods are essential because people often shop online. It is convenient and saves time going to the store.

  • Delivery Time – Priority is given to on-time delivery, whether on weekdays or holidays. Delivery will take about two days to a week.

  • Customer Service – The staff are guaranteed to be enthusiastic, polite and trustworthy. Always ready to advise and support you anytime needed.

Old Faithful Shop: Unwrapping Timeless Elegance for Christmas in Vancouver

Nestled in the historic charm of Gastown and KITSILANO, Old Faithful Shop emerges as a beacon of super cool finds, making it a must-visit destination for your Christmas shopping in Vancouver. 

While not a budget-friendly spot, Old Faithful is a treasure trove of unique, well-crafted items that transcend fleeting trends, promising to last a lifetime.

The staff is ready to greet you with a friendly smile when you enter the store. After politely asking, they will leave you a private space to choose the lovely Christmas gifts you like. 

The shop's theme revolves around artisanal, homemade, and well-crafted items with a touch of woodsy charm, catering to a distinct customer with an appreciation for enduring quality. 

Additionally, Old Faithful is a haven for those searching for unique Christmas gifts or holiday treats.

Whether you are looking for Secret Santa gifts, Christmas gift ideas, or holiday gifts that stand out, Old Faithful is the place to be. Exercise your willpower because, as your friend rightly noted, you might want to take home one of everything!

La Fraise Rose: Crafting Sweet Memories for You

As the name suggests, La Fraise Rose is a flower shop that offers customers stunning bouquets at affordable prices.

Here, you can easily find holiday gifts with bouquets of fresh, dried, and even preserved flowers in many different colors and sizes.

What's more? Currently, La Fraise Rose offers strawberry chocolate for sweet lovers. The box is decorated super pretty. Inside are large fresh strawberries covered with fragrant chocolate and eye-catching fresh roses.

What do you think about Christmas chocolate strawberries? It's a meaningful and exciting gift for Christmas this year!

The online promotions further sweeten the deal. With free local delivery for orders over $150, La Fraise Rose ensures your indulgent treats reach you without extra cost.

And La Fraise Rose exquisite offerings but the super-friendly and enthusiastic staff who curate these experiences for you.

From scented candles that add a touch of ambiance to beautiful flowers and Christmas chocolate strawberries that convey sentiments of love and charm, La Fraise Rose is your go-to destination for all delightful things.

Craft Maison: A Local Treasure Trove of Artisanal Gifts

A local treasure trove, Craft Maison offers a curated selection of artisanal gifts on Commercial Drive in the heart of Vancouver.

This enchanting store has become synonymous with unique gifts, ranging from stationery and souvenirs to accessories and seasonal items. 

As you step into Craft Maison, you are greeted with a warm and inviting ambiance, providing a delightful backdrop for exploring the carefully crafted products. 

The staff, driven by a passion for the community's creative spirit, goes the extra mile to share the stories behind each item. This personal touch elevates choosing a gift into a journey of connection and appreciation for local craftsmanship.

Craft Maison's commitment to showcasing local talent is evident in its selection process. Each product tells a unique story, adding layers of depth and meaning to gift-giving. 

Craft Maison is a must-see if you're searching for a distinctive piece of jewelry or a beautifully crafted seasonal item like edible arrangements, Christmas corporate gifts, or Christmas party gifts.

Saul Good Gift Co.: Thoughtful Gifting with a Global Impact

Discover the magic of Christmas at Saul Good Gift Co., right in the heart of Vancouver. This is unique about spreading holiday cheer in a thoughtful and eco-friendly way. Saul Good Gift Co is certified as a B Corporation store, making shopping more meaningful. 

They gather top-notch products from local businesses, creating beautiful gift baskets that showcase the best of Vancouver. Perfect for Christmas in Vancouver, these gifts make your loved ones happy and support local merchants and the environment.

The charm doesn’t stop there – the staff at Saul Good Gift Co. are here to make your Christmas shopping easy and enjoyable, ensuring you leave satisfied and ready for the festivities.

And if you're looking for Secret Santa gifts or something extra special, Saul Good Gift Co. has you covered. Their custom packaging service adds a touch of care to your chosen presents, making them not only unique but beautifully wrapped.

Make Gastown: Crafting Unique Gifts with a Dash of Creativity

Make Gastown, a vibrant neighborhood, is a treasure trove of eclectic local shops offering a diverse array of wellness, fashion, home goods, eyewear, shoes, and accessories. This Christmas season, the area comes alive with live performances every Thursday from 11/30 to 12/21, featuring dance, parades, roaming bands, and carol singing. Amidst this festive ambiance, MAKE Gastown stands out as the ideal destination for personalized gifts.

Make Gastown allows you to unleash creativity by designing your tee, hat, flask, and more. The customization options range from many colors to various choices, including embroidery and engraving. If you're unsure what to pick, their hilarious coasters make perfect stocking stuffers, or you can opt for their ready-made shirts that are sure to charm.

The staff at Make Gastown is known for their helpful and friendly nature, assisting customers in the design process and making the entire experience enjoyable.

Additionally, it has timely delivery of personalized items, making it convenient for customers, especially during the holidays and the busy holiday season.

A Jazzy Staycation For The Music Lovers: Bringing NYC Vibes to Burnaby

For music lovers seeking a unique Christmas experience, look no further than the "Jazz at The Bolt" staycation in Burnaby, offering a taste of New York City in your backyard. Using Do604's exclusive link, you can save 20% on your stay at the Holiday Inn, setting the stage for the ultimate musical staycation.

Jazz at The Bolt, Burnaby's annual Jazz festival scheduled for February 17th & 18th, 2024, brings together Jazz musicians from New York City and across the US and Canada. To enhance this musical escape, Jazz at The Bolt has partnered with the Holiday Inn to create a Winter staycation package. This unique offering allows you to immerse yourself in the best New York City Jazz without needing a flight or the hassle of lost luggage. The musical experience makes a perfect addition to your Christmas wish list.

A Ukulele Workshop From Ruby's Ukes: Strumming Joy into Christmas

This Christmas, consider gifting the joy of music with a perfect present – the Ukulele! Ruby's Ukes offers workshops and 9-week online and in-person courses taught by experienced musicians. Dive into the world of swing, jazz, blues, and folk with the best instructors in the field.

Since 2009, Ruby's Ukes has been a beacon for Ukulele enthusiasts, providing a fun and successful learning experience for all levels. Their classes cater to every schedule, ensuring you can gift the joy of music in a way that suits you or your loved one best. Whether strumming through the classics or learning a new tune, Ruby's Ukes adds a harmonious touch to this festive season, making it a Christmas gift that resonates with melody and joy.

Local Boom: Affordable Elegance on East Broadway

For those searching for a delightful shopping experience that marries affordability with elegance during the Christmas season in Vancouver, Local Boom on East Broadway is a true hidden gem. This store stands out in Vancouver's vibrant retail landscape, offering top-quality gifts at budget-friendly prices. It is the go-to destination for those who cherish the art of thoughtful and budget-conscious gifting.

Local Boom caters to the season's spirit, providing an extensive product range that spans an impressive array, from skincare and body care to bath bombs and pet products. Each item is thoughtfully selected for its quality and uniqueness, ensuring you discover affordable treasures and products that radiate a touch of luxury without the hefty price tag.

Upon entering Local Boom, customers are greeted by friendly and knowledgeable staff ready to assist them in navigating the diverse selection of Christmas gifts and holiday treasures. The store's commitment to providing an accessible and enjoyable shopping experience is further accentuated by its user-friendly online platform. 

This adds an extra layer of convenience, allowing you to explore the store's offerings from the comfort of your home, making Local Boom the perfect spot for those seeking unique and affordable Christmas gifts and holiday gift ideas in Vancouver.

Giving Gifts: A Decade of Heartfelt Celebrations on Main Street

For over a decade, Giving Gifts on Main Street has been an enduring symbol of heartfelt celebrations, providing Vancouverites with a one-stop destination for unique Christmas and holiday gifts. This store has become a staple in the local community, offering various products that cater to different gifting needs, from skincare and clothing to jewelry and baby products.

They have an extensive selection and a commitment to customer satisfaction. The store's well-organized categories simplify the gift selection process, and you can easily navigate the offerings. The in-store staff, known for their friendly and helpful demeanor, adds warmth to the shopping experience.

One notable feature that enhances the appeal of Giving Gifts is its offer of free shipping for orders above CAD 100. If you are budget-friendly, this store is a great place to visit this year.

MAKE: Where Creativity Transforms Ordinary into Extraordinary

In the vibrant world of Vancouver's gift shops, MAKE is your go-to creative hub where ordinary gifts transform into something extraordinary. From home décor to apparel, this store is a haven for those who want gifts as unique as the people they're for – perfect for Christmas in Vancouver, holiday gifts, and unique gift ideas.

MAKE keeps it simple for you. Their online platform is designed with you in mind, making the gift selection process a breeze. With easy-to-navigate categories, you can explore their diverse selection effortlessly. And if you're into personalizing presents, MAKE's expertise in custom gifts makes it the spot for adding that personal touch to your Christmas gifts.

But wait, there's more! MAKE sweetens the deal by offering free shipping for orders above CAD 99. You can freely dive into creative and personalized gifts without worrying about extra costs. MAKE is your spot for outstanding gifts for an easy and budget-friendly Christmas shopping experience in Vancouver.

Final Thought

In conclusion, Vancouver's Christmas gift shops are a fantastic way to add holiday magic to your shopping experience.  The city has something for everyone if you're into handmade crafts, local finds, or international goodies. The diverse selection and cozy atmospheres make each shop a joy to explore.

Take a stroll through different neighborhoods and markets to fully embrace the festive spirit. The 10 best Christmas gift shops mentioned here will help you find unique treasures for your loved ones. Enjoy the holiday season and happy shopping!

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