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5 Best Dessert Places in Vancouver for Your Sweet Tooth

Updated: Jan 17

Are you a dessert fan? Since when did you "crush" into this world of magical desserts?

Dessert is a miracle, like a sweet story between Romeo and Juliet. It's something everyone should try at least once in their life.

It can make you happy, peaceful, relaxed, and satisfy your sweet tooth.

It is like pampering, nourishing your soul with connoisseurs of sweets.

And baby, you're so lucky, you're here…in "tomorrow" city where you can hear the waves and smell the fresh air of the mountains.

Better than that, you will discover the best dessert that'll tickle your fancy right here in this “healthy” city.

So If you love anything about flavored desserts as I do, you must come over to this top 5 best desserts place in Vancouver, BC.

1. Nukid Cafe - Korean Desserts Style

Have you ever traveled to Korea? Did you taste the dessert there?

If not, then Nukid is the ideal destination for you to try them, even if you're in Vancouver.

Nukid is popular in Korea's style and opened on Robson Street in Vancouver, BC.

They have professional chefs with lots of experience in various famous Korean bakeries and are uniquely diverse.

They have a bright, colorful interior decoration that makes their foods look more attractive.

The great thing here is they please their customers with an eye-catching and rich menu of sweet and savory items:

Here is some popular flavor you might want to know about: Vanilla Bean Egg Tart, Choco Cream Scone, Lemon Madeleine, Chestnut Madeleine, Caramel Pecan Tart, and more.

If you are a fan of cakes, you will be amenity with their cake flavors, including Sweet Potato, Oreo, Carrot, Tiramisu, etc.

I fell in love with all the desserts in Nukid. They are AMAZING!!!

Nukid is also known as Twisted Donut. However, one sunny flavor that makes me feel unique is Lemon Madeleine.

It has a delicate mixing with buttery, vanilla, and a hint of lemon.

I can feel the taste is not too overly sweet but very fresh.

They offer each cake at an attractive price; with only around $4, you'll have a perfect light sweet snack for dessert after lunch or supper.

Highly recommended. You will not be disappointed!

Address: 1660 Robson Street Vancouver, BC, Canada V6G 1C7

Website: Nukidcafe

Images resource: Instagram

2. Half Baked Cookie Company - Best Cookies Ever

Chery and her husband are the owners of Half baked cookie company. It is located in an outta the way part of town on the eastside of Vancouver.

They are super friendly and have a whirlwind of happy, energized activity.

After reading so many raving reviews, I decided to pick up my order to try them for myself.

Let me tell you, these cookies are absolutely AMAZING!

Each cookie is perfectly textured, packed with fresh yummy ingredients, and bursting with flavor.

You cannot imagine the tasty pies cookies, Chocolate Banana Cream, and Chocolate Haupia Pie. It's incredible!!!

There was a pretty unique cookie. It was really chewy with a nice crunch on the outside.

The crust is always flaky, and the filling is like mousse. It melts in your mouth…

I liked the texture of the added banana and Maltesers, which made this more memorable.

If you come to Half Baked Cookie, I bet you'll fall in love with many seasonal shortbread flavors and desserts and desire to return for more.

Chocolate Haupia Pie is one of their best-selling and the ultimate crowd-pleasing dessert.

It is like a Hawaiian-style pie with layers of dark and milk chocolate coconut puddings and whipped cream on top.

What more?

The remarkable thing I love about Half Baked is that they really care about their ingredients. It is one of the most essential things for making a great pie.

So, whatever flavor you get from their cookies or pie, you will get a full taste of that flavor.

Yeah, that's why people love Half Baked desserts so much.

And my friend, if you are on the beautiful island…relax and give yourself a summer light refreshing dessert.

My recommendation???

Cookies, you’ll be crazy about it. It is exquisite, so delicious, and delicate tasting!!!

Also, their keto and gluten-free cookies are hands down the BEST.

You also get the best pies in town and are cheap at Half Baked Cookies.

A must-try, you will be satisfied!!!

One small thing you should know is that pie is rotational and seasonal, so if you're interested in something specific, perhaps call ahead to check availability!

Address: 1211 Nanaimo Street | Vancouver, BC V5L 4T5 | Canada

Website: Halfbakedcookiecompany

Image source: Instagram

3. La Fraise Rose - Exclusive Chocolate Covered Strawberry

If you have never tried chocolate-dipped strawberries from La Fraise Rose, you are missing out!

This is by far the best chocolate-covered strawberries in Vancouver you should have.

Yummy and fruity!!!

The chocolate-covered strawberries are one of those delicious, bite-sized desserts everyone loves.

It's beautiful and impressive looking but also incredibly flavorful.

Unlike other place stores, La Fraise Rose carefully selects each strawberry and imports the biggest and freshest strawberries for you.

The best part?

More than enjoying them alone, you can buy them as an adorable gift.

It's not only beautiful but also super YUMMY!!!

However, if you love a peaceful feeling when sitting in your house and enjoying the taste of sweet chocolate-covered strawberries with a hot cup of coffee.

Then you can also order yourself home without going to the store via the website.

Strawberry chocolate will be displayed neatly and eye-catching in this beautiful Custo