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5 Top Reasons You Should Have Fresh Flowers At Home

Updated: Jan 17

 Have Fresh Flowers At Home
Have Fresh Flowers At Home

Turn your house into a home with fresh floral arrangements. Your home is the only place that can give you complete calm and relaxation for as long as you want.

You must make it as livable and comfortable as possible.

Does your home actually make you feel at home?' Do you have a spot for your morning coffee? Does your bed make you sleep right away?

If none of these apply to you, it's time to consider putting flowers in your home.

Flowers can benefit your emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental well-being and those who live with you.

It is not just make-believe but supported by various research-based studies which can prove that flowers can indeed do more than beautify a place with their colors and scents.

For now, we'll give you some benefits that can make you jump-start your journey of displaying flowers in your home.

Let's jump into it now!

5 Top Reasons You Should Have Fresh Flowers At Home

1. Improve your mood

Morning energy and state are vital, it determines your productivity all day.

Every morning when you wake up, your eyes will catch a vase of fresh, colorful flowers, stimulating the vision to help bring peace and relaxation.

Many studies show that placing fresh flowers in your home, bedroom, kitchen, or anywhere you start your day can help you dispel all your worries.

Not only making you happier but arranging fresh flowers in the house also creates a harmonious space to help you relax and empathize with people more.

Have Fresh Flowers At Home
Fresh flowers improve your mood

Or if you are studying for an exam or preparing some special presentation, having fresh flowers next to you is energizing and powerful to help you reduce stress and feel more relaxed.

In a 2008 study, scientists Park and Mattson found that patients in rooms with fresh flowers or plants needed less pain medication after surgery, stable blood pressure and heart rate, and less anxiety, quieter and more tired.

In general, patients in the ward with fresh flower arrangements were more positive than patients who did not have the opportunity to see fresh flowers.

Dutch scientists also found that eating at a table with flowers will put you in a much better mood.

2. Boost your energy

It was a rainy day, so I didn't go out. Instead, I chose to "re-install" the vase of fresh flowers I had just bought yesterday, changing the water for them.

Then choose a novel I like and start to turn each page to read; the gentle fragrance of flowers sometimes wafts, making my soul so light, little by little immersing in the space inside the novel.

Scent can make people fall in love but can also help us feel life full of energy.

Have Fresh Flowers At Home
Fresh flowers boost your energy

It can be seen that the splendid beauty and seductive scent of fresh flowers make our hearts more loving and enthusiastic.

Depending on each person's preferences, you can choose different flower tones to make the room more sparkling.

I usually actively choose fresh and vibrant colors, like pink, purple, yellow, and blue… that are suitable to start a new day full of inspiration and energy.

3. Excite Creativity

Sometimes we often get stuck somewhere or rush to find solutions to stimulate the brain, such as drinking coffee, drinking alcohol, smoking.

Many people say flower arrangement is just putting the flowers in a vase.

That's silly!!!

The process of arranging flowers is similar to drawing a picture. A beautiful view is when you look at it, you see the whole story, the "soul" of the artist.

And similarly, a beautiful flower vase requires skillful hands and a creative mind to create great works, the "soul" of a florist.

Have Fresh Flowers At Home
Fresh flowers excite creativity

As well as reducing negative emotions, flowers can significantly impact creativity levels.

The best part is that this affects both men and women equally.

Employees working in an office with fresh flowers and plants think more creatively, have more creative ideas, and are more original in problem-solving.

In one study, men and women generated 30% more ideas than those in offices without flowers and plants.

So, every time you need something new, a spark, or a new idea, instead of sitting and not just drinking coffee, try to practice choosing the flowers you like, but putting them in the vase in the way you want.

4. Increase work efficiency

According to a survey, fresh flowers help improve concentration and increase capacity and performance.

Having some flowers or ornamental plants around the house will help stimulate creativity when working.

have fresh flowers in your house
fresh flowers increase work efficiency

Setting fresh flowers makes the room more lively and brings many psychological and physical benefits.

Try placing a small vase of flowers in your room every day to help you get more ideas for work and reduce stress.

5. Improve your air quality

Scientists at NASA have discovered that at least 50 types of indoor plants and flowers can eliminate pollutants - the cause of headaches, coughs, colds, allergies, and fatigue.

have fresh flowers in your house
fresh flower Improve your air quality

Fresh plants and flowers absorb dangerous airborne toxins such as CO2 and formaldehyde, purifying the air and releasing oxygen.

Putting fresh flowers in the room will help your living space become fresher and healthier.

Principles to know when decorating fresh flowers and ornamental plants

fresh flowers for home decoration
buying fresh flowers on the street

The benefits of keeping fresh flowers and ornamental plants indoors are numerous; however, not all plants are suitable for indoor decoration.

For example, many plants do not live long without sunlight.

If you want to make sure the best for your health when decorating flowers and houseplants, you should follow these principles:

Select plants with reverse biomechanics

The biological mechanism of typical plants is to absorb CO2 during the day and release CO2 at night.

This is especially bad if left in the bedroom.

However, during the day, the stomata will be closed for plants with reverse biomechanics to prevent transpiration. At night, they will open the stomata to absorb CO2, then release a lot of oxygen, which is good for sleep and health.

Here are a few plants that are great for decorating the bedroom:

  • Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree: Water once a week or more if it's winter and the air in your home is dry

  • Split-Leaf Philodendron: Water once a week.

  • Meyer Lemon Tree: Water weekly

  • Kentia Palm: Requires medium to bright light; water weekly.

  • Castiron Plant: Water once a week or every ten days.

  • Amazon Lily: The leaves will wilt when it needs water, but once a week should suffice.

  • Snake Plant: Place anywhere you'd like and let the soil dry completely between watering.

  • African Spear Plant: Place in any light you choose; water every few weeks.

  • Asparagus Fern Plant: Keep it lightly moist.

  • Corn Plant: Place this beauty in filtered sunlight and water every 7-10 days.

Choose the right tree shape and flower pot.

Usually, the bedroom space is a closed space with a modest area.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose small bonsai samples to save space in the room.

In addition, it is recommended to plant only a few flowers with mini petals to avoid causing shedding, dropping a lot, and taking time to clean up.

Learn how to take care of bonsai

To help plants grow healthy, you must add much knowledge about bonsai care.

You should choose plants with good shade tolerance for a closed bedroom and can live under lights.

In addition, you should regularly take care of ornamental plants, such as catching pests and cutting leaves ... to detect plant diseases promptly and prevent the spread of bacteria.

Besides, for the plant to grow naturally, you need to let the plant sunbathe at least once a week.

Choose ornamental plants or fresh flowers with a mild fragrance

The bedroom is a quiet place to sleep or work, so it is crucial to have a relaxing space with a gentle scent.

If you use flowers with too strong a scent, it will cause insomnia, so you should choose flowers with pastel colors and faint scents to help calm the mind and go to sleep more easily.

However, select flowers with attractive fragrances if you choose flowers to decorate your lovely living room or kitchen.

Learn how to arrange flowers

Fresh Flowers are always the center of attention.