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Dried flowers - a meaningful and matchless gift for a birthday

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

matchless gift for a birthday
Emma Dried Bouquet

We live in a peaceful and beautiful world.

Each person's life story is built from the small moments they spend with their loved ones, friends, or friends, whether they are sad or happy.

You can make the little story of your life more joyful, happy, and meaningful as you give love to the people around you.

It is not difficult if you know how to take advantage of the beautiful gifts that mother nature creates, such as beautiful fragrant flowers.

With the skillful hands of flower arranging artists, besides the beautiful bunches of fresh flowers, dried flower bouquets are even more gorgeous due to their long-term use.

If fresh flowers are at their best with an alluring natural fragrance, dried flowers are unique with their eco-friendly reuse.

That's why sending dried flowers makes perfect sense.

Dried flower is an attractive option if you are looking for a meaningful and matchless gift for a birthday or any occasion.

The history of dried flowers

Since Roman times, archaeologists have discovered preserved flowers up to two thousand years old.

In the Middle Ages, people often believed that dried flowers were used for decoration, flavouring, and medicinal purposes.

Dried flowers can also be used in teas and other concoctions.

In the 16th century, the Japanese loved to use dried flowers as an art inspired by nature. In addition to the dried form, they also carefully press the flowers on Washi paper in a delicate way.

Although dried flowers have changed over time, their delicate beauty and lasting scent are always the focus; you can quickly see them at events, festivals, or any party.

Meaning of giving flowers on a birthday

Flowers bring a sweet, romantic, and gentle beauty with a characteristic fragrance that helps people become more peaceful and love life.

Therefore, flowers are a perfect emotional gift for the spirit. On birthdays, when there are more flowers, it will bring a fresher and closer space.

The best part is that flowers are also perfect gifts for all ages, so when someone gets a bouquet on their birthday, it will bring them joy.

Each flower has its meaning, so using flowers as a birthday gift is the secret to helping you send your most sincere feelings to that person.

Each color of the birthday flower also has a different meaning; it can convey a thank you, a phrase of affection, a declaration of love, etc.

Therefore, flowers can replace thousands of your wishes.

Why dried flowers are a matchless gift for a birthday

Easy to take care

With fresh flowers, you have to give them fresh water, pick up fallen leaves and petals, and ensure they get just the right amount of sun each day.

The fresh flowers placed in the vase look lovely.

But then there is a care process, from changing the water daily, pruning leaves, and removing fallen petals, to ensuring the flowers always have enough sunlight.

matchless gift for a birthday
Adrianna Dried Bouquet

Unlike fresh flowers, dried flowers aren't prone to fading. It is unnecessary to take care of flowers; you can place them anywhere you like, even if there is no light.

Dried flowers can keep their beauty long without any time-consuming care.

When you send someone dried flowers, you send a simple yet delicate gift, and they don't have to worry about daily flower care.

Extremely Sustainable

Valuable features like sustainability are why dried flowers are one of the best birthday gifts.

It also shows care for your loved ones because they are 100% natural and biodegradable.

And it is entirely environmentally friendly.

matchless gift for a birthday
Camilia Dried Bouquet

As they last longer, dried flowers are much less wasteful than fresh alternatives, which last a week or two.

So, If you are wondering about gifts for your coworkers, dried flowers are a perfect choice to make their workspace fresh and creative with soft colors and vibrating scents from dried flowers.

Free to change the arrangement style

Another advantage of dried flowers that makes them a unique birthday gift is their ability to be arranged.

Whether the recipient of the birthday gift is your mother, lover, coworker, or anyone else, they can create a new piece of dried flowers if they wish.

matchless gift for a birthday
Layla Dried Bouquet

One day, when they feel down, they can clumsily rearrange the flowerpot's texture, giving it a whole new shape.

Did you know that the flower arrangement time is short and can make our mood light and calm?

If someone you know needs a new little friend or a stress reliever, send them a vase of dried flowers that suit their taste.

Ultra Long Lasting

Dried flowers are a perfect choice if you are looking for a birthday gift to keep memories for a long time with your precious friend.

How long will dried florals last? Dried flowers can be stored for several years without losing color or fading.

Instead of a love that blooms and fades, dried flowers represent an enduring and faithful love.

matchless gift for a birthday
Savannah Dried Bouquet

You can give dried flowers as a gift that sits in their home, reminding them all year long that you thought of them instead of your generosity being forgotten.

The trend of giving dried flowers is increasingly popular; they are a unique gift for all ages.

If your loved one is allergic to fresh pollen, try changing the game with dried flowers, as they protect your loved one's health with no pollen at all.

Value for money

Because of their long shelf life and no fussy maintenance, dried flowers are an excellent value for money.

They are often more expensive than fresh flowers because the process of creating dried flowers is time-consuming and complicated.

Furthermore, a bouquet of fresh flowers costs $90, while dried flowers cost $120. Fresh flowers have a shelf life of 3-4 days, while dried flowers have a shelf life of 2-3 years or longer.

best gift for birthday
Ivy Dried Bouquet

Finally, dried flowers save you a significant amount of money.

However, consider the purpose of giving flowers, whether dried or fairy flowers; they are worth giving to your loved one.

Utterly Stunning

Like a bit of magic, dried flowers morph to suit each event, holiday, and anniversary,...

They come in various shapes and colors and can be assembled in hundreds of different ways.

Anyone can hardly refuse such a stunning beauty.

unique gift for birthday
Lizzy Dried Bouquet

If your loved one's birthday is approaching, surprise her with a stunning vase of dried flowers and a card that holds them properly.

Surely the person you love will faint because of your kindness and affection.

Well, that might not be the case...

But I know you'll see their smile as warm as the spring sunshine.

It is definitely a pleasant and happy sensation that is priceless. You treasure them, remember their birthdays, want to make them happy, and send them "I love you" gifts.

Amazing Versatility

After giving gifts, the recipient can freely use them with many different exciting ideas.

In Lafraise Rose, we have a bunch of different styles of vases with unique floral arrangements to suit any taste.

perfect gift for birthday
Sofia Dried Bouquet

Whether you are interested in vases or vases or bouquets, Lafraise Rose is always there to help you with the perfect gift.

There are also plenty of creative things you can do with dried flowers that you can suggest to the recipient, such as:

  • Pressing and framing flowers

  • Developing biodegradable flower confetti

  • Using flowers to decorate your phone case

  • Including them in bath salts

  • Uniquely hanging them in your home

  • Decor them on your table, working

All Seasons Available

Gone are the days of waiting until spring or summer for your favorite flower to blossom. Dried flowers are available throughout the year and for all seasons.

Whatever appearance or feel you're going for, you won't have to look far to find what makes you happy.

lovely gift for birthday
Body Vase

Lafraise Rose can assist you whether you want to learn how to dry flowers yourself or purchase a professionally crafted dried floral arrangement.

Whether it's a present for a loved one or a treat for yourself, we know you'll fall in love with one of our beautiful masterpieces.

Final Thought

Dried flowers are a unique and meaningful gift for someone's birthday.

They can be given to anyone, regardless of age or relationship with the giver.

Dried flowers have a long shelf life, so they can be enjoyed for months or even years after they're given.

They also require very little care, so the recipient can enjoy them without worrying about keeping them alive.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's choose by hand the most beautiful vase of dried flowers as a passionate love gift for the one you love.


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