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Top 8 Crazy Outdoor Summer Activities In Vancouver That You Must Try Right Now

outdoor summer activities in Vancouver
Image source: njincolors

How long has it been since you rested?? Is the heart telling you to find a new relaxation for the soul?

Good news for you, my friend!

You will have a heartwarming experience that deserves your time when you spend time in Vancouver on summer vacation.

Vancouver is one of the safest cities in the world, and it is known for being one of the liveliest cities in Canada.

Vancouver loves everyone. It makes one richer (full of memories).

On Vancouver Island, You can feel the comfort of your soul when listening to the waves and the sand. It is the best way to bid goodbye to stress.

Or savoring the beautiful landscapes, stunning architecture, and rich cultural heritage, tasting multi- cuisines and different music.

If you are seeking a complete experience when traveling in this stunning city of Vancouver, here is the best summer activities in Vancouver that you don't wanna missing.

Parks Visiting

If you love to enjoy relaxing outdoors in nature, visiting the park is a great thing to do in Vancouver summer.

Vancouver has over 230 natural and artificial spots of beauty and from the wild to natural beauty.

Vancouver Parks offers unique experiences, some of which are exclusive worldwide.

This place is like an engaging outdoor summer activity in Vancouver for all ages.

Walking, jogging, and running are also excellent places for your family with children.

Your kids can play many kinds of free games here and enjoy playing and discovering a new mini world.

Also, you might love having lovely picnics in the parks as you can do many amazing things.

All of Vancouver's Park are Non-Smoking, so the atmosphere here reaches fresh points.

1. Stanley Park

things to do in Vancouver
Image source:: @canadatourisam

The most famous park in Vancouver attracts about 8 million visitors annually.

The majestic beauty of the forest touching the ocean right in the heart of the city will make you feel sobbing.

A beautiful vivid picture right in Vancouver is waiting for you to enjoy.

To explore everything in this vast park, you should rent a bike.

There are 4 bike shops on the corner, and they have almost everything, even electric bikes or rollerblades.

You will be satisfied with almost everything here, from fantastic weather to incredible scenery and delicious food.

If you visit here between March and April, you can enjoy the beauty of the cherry blossom trees.

And it is a beautiful place to get some lovely photos.

Next, we have the Rose Garden but the best time to go there is later in the summer, so you will see beautiful roses bloom everywhere.

Then get back to the seawall. The next stop for you maybe is the horse-drawn carriages and the inn center.

I think this place is pretty cool for you if you love horses.

A few restaurants in Stanley Park have an outside seat with an extraordinary view.

It also has Canada's largest aquarium.

Oh, one important thing, if you don't want to lose too much time as get lost, you should have a paper Park map on hand.

So come here when/if you get tired of the city or want some fresh air!

A MUST for locals and tourists alike!

Timings: 6am - 10pm

Location: Vancouver, BC V6G 1Z4, Canada

2. Queen Elizabeth Park

things to do in Vancouver
Image source:@brendatoii

As one of Vancouver's most beautiful parks, Queen Elizabeth Park boasts beautiful gardens and sculptures.

A small gem is located in the middle of the bustling city center.

It is the highest point in Vancouver at 125m above sea level and an ideal place for wedding photos.

It's packed with so many pleasant photo opportunities. Covering 130 acres (52.78 hectares), More than 500 tropical plants galore and 120 birds of various species.

Things you can do in this park:

You may wander around the more intimate quarry gardens, enjoying hundreds of trees and flowers blooming.

The sweet aroma of flowers blended with the fresh air will make your tired heart disappear from time to time.

If you travel in April, you will have the opportunity to participate in the Sakura festival, the season of cherry blossoms.

Many tourists only wait for this time to come to Queen Elizabeth Park.

The park also includes the Bloedel conservatory, which takes around 8 CAD to enter.

In addition, the park also has some engaging outdoor activities such as tennis Courts, Lawn Bowling, Picnic Areas, and Queen Elizabeth Pitch & Putt Golf.

Typically, going to the park takes about one to three hours, or even all day if you have time.

You can come here by bus (#15 from the city center, check Translink) or by bicycle.

If you use your car, you can park free along the edges of the park, but the blank is very limited. The parking lot near the central plaza costs $ 3.50 an hour.

Such a lovely garden!

This garden is not to be missed on any visit to Vancouver!!!

Timings: 6am - 10pm

Location: Vancouver, BC V6G 1Z4, Canada

Go Hiking

What are the best summer activities in Vancouver?

I have heard a lot of comments from tourists when coming to Vancouver. One of them said.

"My first difficult hike in Vancouver. It was the toughest thing I have ever done, but it was worth it, and I felt amazing afterward!"

Yeah. I am not too excited about things that are so easy to get.

But with things, you know that the beginning is difficult, but the Desire to Challenge Yourself and once you conquer it, all efforts you spend are worth more than a hundred thousand times.

Hiking gives me a feeling I can enjoy when I reach the top of the tip.

And if you are in the mode, you want to burn calories, this recommended place hiking will give you an excellent benchmark of your fitness.

1. St Marks Summit

outdoor summer activities in Vancouver
Image source:@vancouversnorthshore

One of the most breathtaking views!!!

The road at St Marks Summit is not as difficult as you think. It's easy to go and not too far.

NOT as bustling as the city's heart, walking at StMarks Summit helps you find a peaceful sky.

Depending on the time you choose to walk, I like to go in the early morning, then you will catch up to the dawn and see the majestic scene of the beautiful heart at sea.

If you conquer half the way, you will see the boats and ferries in the strait. The scene from the above will be much more covered.

You can then have lunch at the summit.

I hope you love the cute bird, are willing to do silly things to win your heart, and get your food...

You can see the Howe Sound Islands and Vancouver Island from the top of the mountain.

St Marks Summit often becomes super busy in the snow season. That is, people will drag each other this season very crowded to see the beautiful snowflakes.

2. Grouse Grind

things to do in Vancouver
Image source:@sharinacar

Fantastic views of Vancity!!!

This trail is relatively more challenging than St Marks Summit if compared to the slope, and it also comes with the stairs waiting for you.

The great time to explore this trail is from April to October.

If you go on a hot day, do not worry because a lot of shade will protect you.

If you go on a wet day, the road will be a bit harder to go with slippery rocks but do not worry, you will be safe BECAUSE there are some Wooden Steps and Handrails here.

Depending on your physical strength, see how long it takes. It will take about 1 hour on average to conquer it.

If you conquer this road, the reward is a delicious coffee shop at the top.

I must admit that, after a long distance, just a mouthful of fabulous ice coffee also makes your spirit scream for happiness.

Oh, there is a limitation that the dogs are NOT welcomed here, so you should leave them at home.

3. Mount Seymour

outdoor summer activities in Vancouver
Image source:@johnleckman

Glorious view!!!

Mount Seymour has a length of 8.2 km near northern Vancouver.

The difficulty here will be more upgraded compared to the two places I recommend above.

But it is great to hike and try giving you a feeling of conquering higher with 3 hours 28 min to complete.

The best time to visit this path is from June to November.

From June, there will be a lot of snow. You should equip some essential items. An Ice Ax might help!

Also, if you want to ski, there will be 80 hectares of skiing area and 40 lit hectares for night skiing.

The plus point for this place welcomes the dogs on the chain.

Hit The Beaches

Things to do in the summer are a "hit" on the beautiful beach, and it is also the best free thing to do in Vancouver.

Beach is the heart of Vancouver. The ocean's breath and the waves' call will make you want to swim immediately.

I love going to the beach and swimming in the waves.

The feel of the waves on you and having to duck dive under the big ones is such fun. It's also amusing!

Warm sunshine and cool breeze under the shade of the tall palm and coconut trees will make you comfortable.

Sometimes, I enjoy sitting at the beach, listening to the waves crash, watching the sunset, and allowing my busy mind to calm down.

It's so soothing after a long tiring day.

Everything on the beach has incredible healing power!

Amazingly gorgeous place to spend quality time!

1. Wreck Beach

things to do in Vancouver
Image source: seveinarturo

A Certainly Unique - a small paradise next to Vancouver City,

Back in the sixties, this beach is famous for its naked beaches of North America.

So if you don't want to see naked folks around, this beach isn't for you.

And to touch the lovely sponges, it is necessary to go through a reasonably long staircase of about 500 Stairs to lead down to the beach.

This place also has lovely scenery of the North Shore mountain range.

You can also see different marine creatures here while enjoying fast Food like Hot Dogs, Burgers even Peruvian food.

I like to hide in the shade to relax, surf, sunbathe or walk to a nearby bar for a beer in my swimsuit. It's great!

It is a friendly vibe, and the people here are charming and exciting!

2. Kitsilano Beach

best things to do in Vancouver
Image source: yoonjiinaa

Kitsilano is one of Vancouver's busiest and busiest beaches, ranked 4th in the list of the most worthy beaches.

A vibrant and bright sky here...

You will see the hot curves of girls and six-pack abs of cool men.

I like to watch them play volleyball on the beach, and they look very active and healthy.

It's also an excellent place for your question about things to do in Vancouver with kids.

The children are also adorable. They often sit there silently and build their own sand castles.

There are also facilities for you to try, such as a playground, restaurant, concession stand, and tennis courts.

This beach is best for all ages.

I enjoy the beach and the atmosphere. Sunsets here are spectacular. It's a blessing to live here.

Food/Restaurant’s Ready

What is the top attraction to visit in Vancouver?

Aright, the part I think is the most attractive here is the cuisine. Vancouver is one of the leading cuisine cities in the world.

So the best thing to do in Vancouver makes your sexy lips taste delicious dishes in this delicate city.

If you are the first time, you will need this suggestion, read it and choose the food you want to taste the most.

Because if you try all the specialties here, you will need to have a lot of space in your stomach ...

Okay, let's jump into this vibrant food scene.

1. The Sandbar Seafood Restaurant

best things to do in Vancouver
Image source: joymarywan

I think it is the best restaurant in Vancouver downtown.

Vancouver is most famous for its range of fresh seafood.

If you are looking for the flavor of marine seafood, the Sandbar Seafood Restaurant is the ideal destination.

The restaurant is located right in the city center.

You will love their service. It was spectacular!

There are many types of seafood for you to choose such as Scallops, Sablefish, and Crab,...

The Salmon sandwich and seafood hotpot are the best!!! You should give it a taste if you come over here.

Address: 1535 Johnston Street, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9

2. Cardero’s Restaurant

outdoor summer activity in Vancouver
Image source: Ambar M

Fresh seafood and classic American restaurant. It is known for being the most popular restaurant in BC.

The fried oysters with house-made cocktail sauce and the prawn sizzle for appetizers will make you crazy.

Many people love arctic char entrees, while I thought the signature cedar plank salmon was also excellent.

The decoration style is lovely, and the serving here is excellent.

They're professional, attentive, and friendly.

And the view is top-notch, fantastic setting out on the patio overlooking the marina and watching the Harbour Air float planes landing.

best thing to do in Vancouver city
Image source: Ambar M

The atmosphere is excellent, there is a heater, so the house is warm. The top is covered, so whether it is raining or the weather is too cold, it will be very comfortable for you.

Address: 1583 Coal Harbour Quay Coal Harbour Vancouver, BC

However, suppose you are a big fan of dessert. In that case, you will love to explore this dessert store in Vancouver downtown.

Bars Drinking

Things to do in Vancouver downtown.

Another fun thing to do in Vancouver enjoys the Specialties here.

Vancouver is known for its leading manual beer in North America.

It is like a cultural beauty here. For the people of the city, a beautiful love affair with beer.

There are dozens of Beer Bars in this Vancouver, some of which are more prominent than the rest.

If you can do Vancouver in 3 days, don't forget to go here.

Great place to chill out with friends!!!

1. Alibi Room

outdoor summer activity in Vancouver

The beer menu here is vibrant and is always designed carefully by the season.

Alibi Room is something modern, high-class, and sophisticated, from lovely décor to unique and creative cocktails for your interests.

It will be a fantastic night to enjoy the live music mixed with the great taste of Craft Beer here.

A feeling of relaxation to defeat the significant worries in your heart.

Address: 157 Alexander St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1B8, Canada

Website: Alibi Room

2. The Keefer Bar

things to do in Vancouver in summer vacation

You'll never be disappointed when coming here!

The Keefer Bar has been the second-best bar in Canada for 3 consecutive years.

The bar is like Apothecary, located in the center of Chinatown, Vancouver.

What is especially interested about this place is that they use traditional Chinese drug ingredients in cocktails to cure you.

Unique cocktails also appear here, such as Chinatown Sour (Old Grandad Bonded Bourbon, Fernet Branca, Lemon, Astragalus, Orgeat) and the Skeleton Kiss (Pisco, Mezcal, Lime, Pineapple, Rose, Firewater TinCTure)

The service is excellent, and the bar decoration is not like anywhere else.

In addition to drinks, here also serves all kinds of snacks and delicious desserts.

Address: 135 Keefer St, Vancouver, British Colombia, V6A 1X3

Website: Keefer Bar

Museums Going

What should you not miss in Vancouver?

Another favorite thing to do In Vancouver is the museum.

Visiting the museum is a great way to inspire creativity.

Enjoy the outstanding achievements from the greatest artists in the world that can promote your imagination.

In Vancouver, finding a reasonably simple museum.

The museum is an excellent place to make your next journey if you want a quiet place for the soul.

Here are the two museums you want to try to visit, which are close to the city center.

1. Vancouver Art Gallery

best thing to do in Vancouver city
𝘊𝘢𝘯𝘢𝘥𝘪𝘢𝘯 𝘞𝘰𝘮𝘦𝘯 𝘈𝘳𝘵𝘪𝘴𝘵𝘴 𝘪𝘯 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘔𝘰𝘥𝘦𝘳𝘯 𝘔𝘰𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘵/instagram

Vancouver Art Gallery is the most prominent art museum you should visit in Western Canada.

The gallery has more than 11,000 artworks, including Vancouverites Jeff Wall, Stan Douglas, Rodney Graham, Roy Arden, Ian Wallace, and more.

It contains essential collections such as sketches, paintings, and ceramics of one of the breakthrough artists of British Columbia.

Address: 750 Hornby St.

2. Museum of Anthropology at UBC

best outdoor summer activity in Vancouver
Image source: David Campion⁣

It is located on the campus of British Columbia.

A great place to explore the history and traditions of the first countries on the Northwest coast and mix the cultural beauty of other countries in the world.

The museum displays over 10,000 works, including the world's most extensive collection of artists HADA like Cedar Sculpture, The Raven, and the First Men.

You will find a world full of local art and culture through beautiful glass walls.

You also have the opportunity to visit and participate in special exhibition programs, with free instructions.

Many things here will keep you interested and satisfied if you come.

Address: 6393 NW Marine Dr.

Shopping In The Market

Things to do in Vancouver at night? Trendy things to do in Vancouver?

You've all those answers RIGHT here...

Okay, after relaxing at the museum, your tendons seem like resuscitation, so come to the next great thing in Vancouver.

Shopping!!! Your wallet will be empty very quickly during this activity.

But if you travel without going Shopping, your baby's heart is guilty?

So now, try surfing through these 2 most famous markets - the best places for shopping in Vancouver.

1. Richmond Night Market

best things to do in Vancouver

Famous as Metro Vancouver's Biggest and Most Amazing Night Market.

Richmond Night Market attracts hundreds of visitors every weekend.

If you are looking for something new or unique and bring Vancouver's symbol as a GIFT for relatives or friends, this place is definitely one of the best places.

The food here is primarily Asian flavors and East Asian culture combined with Eastern festivals.

You can shop delight, the price of the items here is also perfect for tourists.

Sometimes there will be dancing, martial arts or music performances and more.

In 2022, the market opened from 7 pm to midnight. Saturday alone is from 6 pm to midnight and Sunday is from 7 pm to 11 pm.

Admission tickets for adults are $ 6, and children under 7 years old are free.

Address: 8351 River Road

2. Granville Island Market

funny things to do in Vancouver
Image source: C./Flickr

The market is located in the Center of Granville Island - Home of the Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

Unlike Richmond Night Market, this is the intersection between traders from Canada's regions.

It is famous for fruits, fresh fruits, and other food items.

A great place to buy high-quality fresh products, this market offers plenty of choices for anyone.

Diverse foods include ethnic reality, Gourmet cheese, Fresh Produce, Fresh Seafood, Exotic Spices, and More.

This market is intriguing any time of year. It opens seven days a week from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm.

The inside of the market is extensive. The surrounding area also has a reservation shop, art gallery, stage, restaurant, etc.

This market is a fascinating place and well worth checking out!

Address: Public Market, 1689 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9, Canada

Spas Relaxing

What is a must-try in Vancouver?

I think after a wandering night at the market and carrying a pile of bags in your hand at home, it looks great, right?

So your trip is finished?

Oh, maybe...

But if you want something like a relaxing body, then the game won not be stopped here, my friend.

I have a small suggestion for those who want to enjoy the feeling of relaxing in the last seconds in Vancouver.

Yes, you catch that!

Spas are a lovely thing you should do if you want to taste the magic of the masters in the massage.

Spas will help you relax physically and mentally so that you feel like a new flow of power flowing in your blood vessels.

Here are the 2 spas that are most popular with tourists you should know:

1. Smile Thai Wellness

funny things to do in Vancouver
Smile Thai Wellness/Instagram

You will have a great experience in this spa.

Smile Thai Wellness applies the traditional massage of Thailand, fragrant oil, and herbal spa treatments.

It has a great environment, and the masseur knows how to make your body relax well.

If you have just spent a few days of travel and received a few Achy from it, the massage method here will help you solve that problem thoroughly.

Address: 235 Robson St, Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 0E7 Canada

2. Tranquility Organic Spa

funny thing must do in Vancouver
Image source: kla_bear

Unlike Smile Thai Wellness, this spa uses organic and environmentally friendly products.

Nestled in the Center of Yaletown, the quiet and relaxing atmosphere makes you forget Vancouver's hustle and bustle.

They offer separate Non-Jjetted Foot Baths, items with the cleanest and most natural care.

I like Full Body Aroma Massage (With a Focus on Desired Areas) here, Facial Treatment and Massage.

If you want beautiful nails, you should definitely try the service here.

The Staff here is super-experienced and knowledgeable.

And the price here is very adorable for you to try.

If you have been here, you'll NEVER need to try elsewhere!

Address: 1020 Mainland St #150, Vancouver, BC V6B 2T5, Canada

Final Thought!

I'd love to hear about your planned trip to Vancouver.

Will you take a hike first or go to the park?

Has any restaurant in this post you have been trying yet?

Or If you have a question, please comment below. I'll be happy to help you answer them.

Thank you for taking the time to read! Have a blessed trip.


What is the best month to visit Vancouver?

Honestly, Vancouver has a variety of beauty in all seasons of the year. Whether you come here in the summer, summer, autumn, or winter, you will feel the most perfect aftertaste of this city.

However, summer is still the most attractive month for tourists. The rainiest month is November to March.

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