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Top 8 Crazy Outdoor Summer Activities In Vancouver That You Must Try Right Now

outdoor summer activities in Vancouver
Image source: njincolors

How long has it been since you rested?? Is the heart telling you to find a new relaxation for the soul?

Good news for you, my friend!

You will have a heartwarming experience that deserves your time when you spend time in Vancouver on summer vacation.

Vancouver is one of the safest cities in the world, and it is known for being one of the liveliest cities in Canada.

Vancouver loves everyone. It makes one richer (full of memories).

On Vancouver Island, You can feel the comfort of your soul when listening to the waves and the sand. It is the best way to bid goodbye to stress.

Or savoring the beautiful landscapes, stunning architecture, and rich cultural heritage, tasting multi- cuisines and different music.

If you are seeking a complete experience when traveling in this stunning city of Vancouver, here is the best summer activities in Vancouver that you don't wanna missing.

Parks Visiting

If you love to enjoy relaxing outdoors in nature, visiting the park is a great thing to do in Vancouver summer.

Vancouver has over 230 natural and artificial spots of beauty and from the wild to natural beauty.

Vancouver Parks offers unique experiences, some of which are exclusive worldwide.

This place is like an engaging outdoor summer activity in Vancouver for all ages.

Walking, jogging, and running are also excellent places for your family with children.

Your kids can play many kinds of free games here and enjoy playing and discovering a new mini world.

Also, you might love having lovely picnics in the parks as you can do many amazing things.

All of Vancouver's Park are Non-Smoking, so the atmosphere here reaches fresh points.

1. Stanley Park

things to do in Vancouver
Image source:: @canadatourisam

The most famous park in Vancouver attracts about 8 million visitors annually.

The majestic beauty of the forest touching the ocean right in the heart of the city will make you feel sobbing.

A beautiful vivid picture right in Vancouver is waiting for you to enjoy.

To explore everything in this vast park, you should rent a bike.

There are 4 bike shops on the corner, and they have almost everything, even electric bikes or rollerblades.

You will be satisfied with almost everything here, from fantastic weather to incredible scenery and delicious food.

If you visit here between March and April, you can enjoy the beauty of the cherry blossom trees.

And it is a beautiful place to get some lovely photos.

Next, we have the Rose Garden but the best time to go there is later in the summer, so you will see beautiful roses bloom everywhere.

Then get back to the seawall. The next stop for you maybe is the horse-drawn carriages and the inn center.

I think this place is pretty cool for you if you love horses.

A few restaurants in Stanley Park have an outside seat with an extraordinary view.

It also has Canada's largest aquarium.

Oh, one important thing, if you don't want to lose too much time as get lost, you should have a paper Park map on hand.

So come here when/if you get tired of the city or want some fresh air!

A MUST for locals and tourists alike!

Timings: 6am - 10pm

Location: Vancouver, BC V6G 1Z4, Canada

2. Queen Elizabeth Park

things to do in Vancouver
Image source:@brendatoii

As one of Vancouver's most beautiful parks, Queen Elizabeth Park boasts beautiful gardens and sculptures.

A small gem is located in the middle of the bustling city center.

It is the highest point in Vancouver at 125m above sea level and an ideal place for wedding photos.

It's packed with so many pleasant photo opportunities. Covering 130 acres (52.78 hectares), More than 500 tropical plants galore and 120 birds of various species.

Things you can do in this park:

You may wander around the more intimate quarry gardens, enjoying hundreds of trees and flowers blooming.

The sweet aroma of flowers blended with the fresh air will make your tired heart disappear from time to time.

If you travel in April, you will have the opportunity to participate in the Sakura festival, the season of cherry blossoms.

Many tourists only wait for this time to come to Queen Elizabeth Park.

The park also includes the Bloedel conservatory, which takes around 8 CAD to enter.

In addition, the park also has some engaging outdoor activities such as tennis Courts, Lawn Bowling, Picnic Areas, and Queen Elizabeth Pitch & Putt Golf.

Typically, going to the park takes about one to three hours, or even all day if you have time.

You can come here by bus (#15 from the city center, check Translink) or by bicycle.

If you use your car, you can park free along the edges of the park, but the blank is very limited. The parking lot near the central plaza costs $ 3.50 an hour.

Such a lovely garden!

This garden is not to be missed on any visit to Vancouver!!!

Timings: 6am - 10pm

Location: Vancouver, BC V6G 1Z4, Canada

Go Hiking

What are the best summer activities in Vancouver?

I have heard a lot of comments from tourists when coming to Vancouver. One of them said.

"My first difficult hike in Vancouver. It was the toughest thing I have ever done, but it was worth it, and I felt amazing afterward!"

Yeah. I am not too excited about things that are so easy to get.

But with things, you know that the beginning is difficult, but the Desire to Challenge Yourself and once you conquer it, all efforts you spend are worth more than a hundred thousand times.

Hiking gives me a feeling I can enjoy when I reach the top of the tip.

And if you are in the mode, you want to burn calories, this recommended place hiking will give you an excellent benchmark of your fitness.

1. St Marks Summit

outdoor summer activities in Vancouver
Image source:@vancouversnorthshore

One of the most breathtaking views!!!

The road at St Marks Summit is not as difficult as you think. It's easy to go and not too far.

NOT as bustling as the city's heart, walking at StMarks Summit helps you find a peaceful sky.

Depending on the time you choose to walk, I like to go in the early morning, then you will catch up to the dawn and see the majestic scene of the beautiful heart at sea.

If you conquer half the way, you will see the boats and ferries in the strait. The scene from the above will be much more covered.

You can then have lunch at the summit.

I hope you love the cute bird, are willing to do silly things to win your heart, and get your food...

You can see the Howe Sound Islands and Vancouver Island from the top of the mountain.

St Marks Summit often becomes super busy in the snow season. That is, people will drag each other this season very crowded to see the beautiful snowflakes.

2. Grouse Grind

things to do in Vancouver
Image source:@sharinacar

Fantastic views of Vancity!!!

This trail is relatively more challenging than St Marks Summit if compared to the slope, and it also comes with the stairs waiting for you.

The great time to explore this trail is from April to October.

If you go on a hot day, do not worry because a lot of shade will protect you.

If you go on a wet day, the road will be a bit harder to go with slippery rocks but do not worry, you will be safe BECAUSE there are some Wooden Steps and Handrails here.

Depending on your physical strength, see how long it takes. It will take about 1 hour on average to conquer it.

If you conquer this road, the reward is a delicious coffee shop at the top.