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How to Choose Funeral Flowers

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

How to Choose Funeral Flowers

Losing a loved one is undoubtedly one of the most challenging experiences we face in life.

It's during these moments that we often turn to flowers to express our love, support, and condolences.

But did you know that funeral flowers have a significant impact on the grieving process?

Choosing the right funeral flowers is essential, not only to honour and remember the life of the deceased but also to provide comfort to family and friends during this difficult time.

Flowers can convey emotions that words cannot, and they can help to uplift and soothe a heavy heart.

In this guide, we'll explore the importance of choosing the right funeral flowers and how they can help with the grieving process.

We'll also discuss the role of funeral flowers in expressing condolences and how to choose the appropriate flowers for the occasion.

Let's dive in and discover how to choose the perfect funeral flowers that truly capture the spirit and personality of your loved one.

Types of Funeral Flowers

Common types of funeral flowers and their meanings

When it comes to choosing funeral flowers, there are many options available, each with its own unique meaning and significance. Here are some of the most common types of funeral flowers and their meanings:

🌼 Lilies:

Lilies are one of the most popular types of funeral flowers. They represent the restoration of innocence and purity of the soul of the deceased. White lilies, in particular, are a symbol of peace and sympathy.


Roses are another popular choice for funeral flowers. They represent love, respect, and admiration. Red roses are commonly associated with romantic love, while yellow roses signify friendship and white roses represent purity and innocence. Rose colours have different meanings, so choose appropriately.

🌷 Carnations:

Carnations come in a variety of colours, each with its own meaning. Red carnations represent admiration, pink carnations signify remembrance, and white carnations symbolize pure love and innocence.

🌸 Chrysanthemums:

Chrysanthemums are a popular funeral flower in many cultures, particularly in Asia. They represent truth, honesty, and loyalty. In some cultures, chrysanthemums are associated with death and are only used for funerals.

How to Choose Funeral Flowers

Different flower arrangements and their significance

Different flower arrangements carry different meanings and can help to express different emotions during a funeral service or visitation. Let's take a closer look at some of the most popular flower arrangements and their significance:

🔺 Standing Sprays

Standing sprays are tall, vertical arrangements that are often displayed on an easel. They are a popular choice for funeral services and represent sympathy and respect.

Standing sprays are often sent by family members or close friends and can be customized to include the deceased's favourite flowers or colours.

🔺 Casket Sprays

Casket sprays are large arrangements that are placed on top of the casket. They are a tribute to the deceased and can be customized to reflect their personality and style. Casket sprays are often sent by immediate family members and can include a variety of flowers and colours.

🔺 Wreaths

Wreaths are circular arrangements that represent the continuity of life and are a popular choice for funeral services. They can be hung on the door or displayed on an easel and can include a variety of flowers and colours.

🔺 Baskets

Baskets are a versatile choice for funeral flower arrangements and can be customized to suit the preferences of the sender and the deceased. They can include a variety of flowers and colours and can be sent to the funeral service or to the family's home.

🔺 Crosses

Crosses are a popular choice for religious funeral services and represent faith and hope. They can be made from a variety of flowers and can be customized to include the deceased's favourite flowers or colours.

How to Choose Funeral Flowers

Colours and their significance in funeral flowers

When choosing funeral flowers, your chosen colours can convey various emotions and messages. Here are some common colours used in funeral flower arrangements and their significance:

🤍 White

White flowers are a traditional choice for funeral arrangements as they represent peace, purity, and innocence. In addition, they are often used to express sympathy and convey a sense of calm and comfort.

❤️ Red

Red flowers are associated with love and passion, but they can also represent courage and respect. A red rose or carnation can be a beautiful tribute to a loved one who lived life to the fullest.

💖 Pink

Pink flowers represent grace and elegance, and they can be a beautiful tribute to a loved one who had a gentle and caring spirit. Pink flowers can also symbolize gratitude and appreciation.

💛 Yellow

Yellow flowers are associated with friendship, happiness, and positivity. They can be a great choice for celebrating the life of a loved one who had a sunny disposition and a positive outlook on life.

💜 Purple

Purple flowers symbolize dignity, grace, and admiration. They can be a beautiful tribute to a loved one who was regal and elegant in their mannerisms and personality.

💙 Blue

Blue flowers represent peace, serenity, and tranquillity. They can be a great choice for expressing sympathy and offering comfort during a difficult time.

Funeral Flowers

Factors to Consider When Choosing Flowers

When it comes to picking the perfect funeral flowers, there are a few key factors to keep in mind. Let's break it down:

💲 Budget

Now, we all know that funerals can be expensive, and adding flowers to the mix can add up quickly. So, before you start perusing Pinterest for the perfect arrangement, it's important to set a budget. Don't worry, though - there are plenty of affordable options that can still make a big impact.

🔎 Seasonality

Just like pumpkin spice lattes, some flowers are only available during certain times of the year. Make sure to consider the season when choosing your funeral flowers. If it's winter and you're dead set on springtime blooms, you might have to pay a pretty penny to have them imported.

⚡ Religious or Cultural Significance

Different cultures and religions have their own traditions and customs when it comes to funeral flowers. You don't want to accidentally offend someone by choosing the wrong type of bloom, so do a little research beforehand.

🎗️ Personal Preferences

Finally, remember that the funeral flowers should reflect the personality and interests of the deceased. Did they have a favourite flower or colour? Incorporating those into the arrangement can make it even more special.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can create a beautiful and personalized tribute to your loved one. And hey, if you're feeling stuck, don't be afraid to ask your florist for some help - they're the experts, after all!

Funeral Flowers

How to Arrange the Flowers for a Funeral

Once you've selected the perfect funeral flowers, it's time to think about how to arrange them. Here are some tips to help you create a beautiful display:

Know the Different Types of Arrangements

There are several types of funeral flower arrangements, each with their own unique look and purpose.

For example, casket sprays are placed directly on top of the casket, while standing sprays are displayed on a tripod stand.

Wreaths are circular arrangements that can be hung on a door or used as a centerpiece. Make sure to choose the right type of arrangement based on your preferences and the location of the service.

Coordinate with the Funeral Service

It's important to coordinate your flowers with the overall theme and decor of the funeral service.

If the service is more formal, consider a classic and elegant arrangement like a casket spray or standing spray. For a more casual or relaxed service, a wreath or smaller bouquet may be more appropriate.

Consider the Venue

The size and layout of the venue can also impact your flower arrangements.

For example, a large church may require larger arrangements to fill the space, while a smaller funeral home may benefit from smaller, more intimate displays.

Don't Forget the Details

The little details can make a big impact on your funeral flower arrangements.

Consider adding personal touches like a favourite colour, ribbon, or small memento to the display to make it truly special and personalized.

Funeral Flowers

How to Order Funeral Flowers

1. Local florists and online flower delivery services

When it comes to ordering funeral flowers, you have two primary options: local florists and online flower delivery services.

Both options have their pros and cons, so it's important to weigh them carefully before making a decision.

Local florists are often a popular choice for those who want personalized service and local expertise.

When you work with a local florist, you can often meet with them in person to discuss your specific needs and preferences, and they can provide recommendations based on their knowledge of local customs and traditions.

They may also have a more limited selection of flowers, but they can often accommodate special requests and customization.

On the other hand, online flower delivery services offer convenience and a wider selection of flowers to choose from.

With just a few clicks, you can browse through dozens of different arrangements and choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Additionally, online flower delivery services often offer same-day or next-day delivery, making it easy to ensure your flowers arrive on time.

However, when choosing an online flower delivery service, it's important to do your research and choose a reputable and reliable provider.

Look for reviews and ratings online, check their delivery options and fees, and make sure they offer a satisfaction guarantee.

You may also want to consider the shipping and handling fees, which can vary depending on the provider and the location of the funeral service.

2. Tips for choosing a reliable and reputable florist

Choosing a reliable and reputable florist is crucial when it comes to ordering funeral flowers. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

🎗️ Check for reviews and ratings:

Do some research online and look for reviews and ratings of the florist you're considering. Check out websites like Yelp or Google Reviews to see what previous customers have to say about their experience.

🎗️ Ask for recommendations:

If you have friends or family members who have recently ordered funeral flowers, ask them for recommendations. They may be able to point you in the direction of a reputable and reliable florist.

🎗️ Look for experience and expertise:

Look for a florist who has experience in providing funeral flower arrangements. They should have a good understanding of the customs and traditions related to funerals and be able to provide guidance on appropriate flowers and arrangements.

🎗️ Ask for a portfolio or examples of previous work:

A good florist should be able to provide you with examples of their previous work. Ask to see a portfolio of their previous funeral arrangements or ask if they can provide pictures of arrangements they have made for previous customers.

🎗️ Consider their communication skills:

A good florist should be responsive and communicative. They should be able to answer any questions you have and provide regular updates on the status of your order.

🎗️ Check their delivery options and fees:

Make sure the florist offers delivery to the location of the funeral service and check their delivery fees. You don't want to be hit with unexpected fees when it comes time to pay.

🎗️ Consider their satisfaction guarantee:

A reputable florist should offer a satisfaction guarantee. Make sure you understand their policy and what steps they will take to ensure your satisfaction with your order.

3. Timing and delivery considerations

When placing your order, make sure to consider the timing of the funeral service and any delivery restrictions. It's important to order your flowers with enough time for them to be prepared and delivered, and to coordinate with the funeral home or service location to ensure a smooth delivery.


In conclusion, choosing funeral flowers can be tough, but it's a beautiful way to show your love and respect for your loved one.

Whether you're working with a local florist or an online service, remember to consider your budget, cultural or religious significance, and personal preferences.

And when it comes to picking a florist, don't be afraid to do your homework. Read reviews and ask for recommendations to find someone reliable and reputable.

In the end, remember that funeral flowers can provide comfort and solace to those grieving, and can help to express your condolences.

So take a deep breath, let your creativity flow, and honour your loved one in a way that is both beautiful and meaningful.

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