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The Captivating Meaning Of Rose Colors You Should Know To Make Your Significant Other Smile

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Meaning Of Rose Colors
Meaning Of Rose Colors

We all know that roses have a red color and sunflowers have a yellow color…and roses represent romantic, happy meanings while sunflowers mean positive and robust.

Yes, that’s so familiar to us.

Rose hides more miraculous things than you think. Roses not only have one color; you will enjoy knowing that they also have more colors such as blue, white, red, yellow, pink, and purple,...

When you combine all colors, you will imagine them as beautiful as the galaxy. The universe also cannot deny this magical gorgeous.

Each color of roses symbolizes its beauty, sometimes sweet, sometimes passion, sometimes innocence, sometimes a mystery.

If you’re curious about the secret behind these rose colors, then follow me to discover more.

The history and origins of rose

Fossil evidence suggests the rose appeared approximately 35 million years ago, along with 150 different species of flowers. Roses appear in the Northern Hemisphere, stretching from Alaska to Mexico.

But it was not until 5000 years ago that people began to grow garden roses and take care of them to enjoy the stunningness of this flower. History recorded China as the first country to start planting garden roses.

During the Roman period, commissions were widely planted in the Middle East for many different purposes such as perfume production, medicine…

About 40 million years old, someone found the oldest fossil remains of petals in California.

In 5th century Egyptian tombs, people found rose paintings on walls and other artifacts depicting roses.

In the 15th century, roses symbolized the conflict between the factions in the UK with the name "Rose Wars." Therefore, the white and red roses represent the York and Lancaster conflicts.

By the 17th century, Royal Europe had recognized roses and rose water as legal and could be used to exchange goods or payments.

In the 18th century, the rose was brought from China to Europe. During this period, many new types of roses were bred and born, regarded as the time of origin of modern roses today.

Why people love rose

As Juliet quotes in Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”:

"Roses with any other name would smell as sweet."

I love roses, not because of their name. For me rose is a harmonious combination between beauty and emotion. They all stir unforgettable feelings from great color, charming figure, and sweet scent to soft petals.

A unique point that you might not discover about roses yet. It contains tons of benefits to the flower industry, impacting our pretty environment and enhancing our complexion and health.

Here are some rose benefits you probably love to know.


A unique gift for an exceptional lover. Sometimes, roses perfectly represent your words to express emotion, express love, or want to praise someone.

Having a single bloom will bring a smile to anyone's face.


Flowers are a bright idea to decorate your home, office, birthday party, or occasion.

People love using roses for wedding decorations because of their incredible beauty and sophistication.

Roses are like a beautiful accent for the wedding party and radiantly adorn the bride.


Rose is like a magic plant. It is very different from other flowers because it supports the medicinal industry. With rose water, you will better sleep, improve your mood and reduce stress.

Ingredient in cooking:

In western culture, people love to use spice mixes with roses to add to sweet dishes and other desserts.

And it is also a great combination with honey, saffron, or other summer fruits like mango or strawberries.

In the Middle East, rose water is one of the popular ingredients in Indian recipes.

The smell of rose brings out the sweetness in the food.


As a queen of flowers, roses have 5,000 years of history in cosmetic beauty.

Ancient Egyptians used to boil roses to create cosmetics. They cleaned and protected their skin by infusing rose scents into their oils.

Rose hips consist of high amounts of vitamin C ascorbic acid. So it is suitable for skin healing, balancing, and restoring.


Do you like perfumes? Have you ever tried rose perfumes before?

No matter the current trends, rose perfumes are like fresh, sexy, and delicate gifts for any occasion.

If a bunch of roses makes you feel happy, a rose perfume is like a sweet piece of chocolate that makes you melt whenever you touch that scent.

Rose tea:

A long time ago, flower tea was even enjoyed at royal parties.

And tea roses are also famous in almost all countries around the world. They use roses because of the natural smell and huge benefits such as being naturally caffeine-free, losing weight, and contributing to good health.

Rose Oil

According to the report overview, organic rose oil is growing very fast. The revenue forecast in 2025 for rose oil is USD 317.8 million.

That means there is a lot of demand for rose oil. Here are some of the potential benefits of rose oil: it reduces anxiety, increases mood, eases pain, depressive symptoms, etc.

Meaning of rose colors

The symbolism of blue roses: Tranquility, resilience, strength, rarity, and uniqueness

blue rose meaning
blue rose

Unlike any other rose color, blue roses have their uniqueness. It's not sweet or romantic.

This stands out from other things.

I would describe it as modern art, not noisy but exudes unique creativity.

Just like when you glimpse a person, you can't know them yet. Only when you talk and gradually learn about each other you will discover that person's hidden charm and interestingness.

Blue roses have their own dazzling, unique feature.

If you wish to show someone they are a particular, one-of-a-kind person, then a blue rose is your key.

The symbolism of white roses: Innocence, commitment, romance, respect, and passion.

white rose meaning
white rose

White roses are well-known as a "bridal flower." Still, this rose color is great for your relationship even if you're not ready for marriage. A bouquet of white roses is also the ideal gift for a blossoming love affair.

At the wedding, you not only see the white flowers decorated ornate, but even the bride's wedding dress is usually white. Instead, white symbolizes the longing for eternal love.

The symbolism of red roses: Beauty, love, desire, passion

red rose meaning
red roses

The red rose has a long symbolic history in Greek and Roman iconography. It had a connection to Aphrodite, or Venus, the goddess of love…

Shakespeare and later Gertrude Stein both famously used this concept in their works.

It became a tradition. You can often express your deepest affection for that special someone with the classic red rose.

And "love" is the most apparent manifestation of red rose symbolism. On Valentine's Day, "red roses" are always busy with a mission to create a thousand great love stories.

Bouquets of red roses throbbing and ear to express love and affection instead of your words "l love you."

Like my mom, she always receives a happy gift from my dad on Valentine's day. Sometimes a lovely red rose, sometimes a huge bouquet.

It’s not a luxury and expensive gift, but those fresh red flowers can make my parents warm and happy.

The symbolism of yellow roses: Friendship, warmth, joy, youth, energy.

yeallow rose meaning
yeallow roses

Yellow color is like beautiful rays of sunshine drawing a passionate and enthusiastic youth. It also represents the overflowing energy of youth and enterprising.

“Yellow roses are great for celebrating Galentine’s Day,” says Palomares

On Galentine's Day, a Yellow rose is a perfect gift to get anyone smile on their face. It could be something you wanna say, "You make me very happy," or "you are a great friend."

Or if someone you know needs encouragement or a cheer like "good luck" or "your best."

While the yellow rose meant jealousy during Victorian times, it is now a universal symbol of friendship and joy.

The symbolism of pink roses: Femininity, happiness, elegance

pink rose meaning
pink roses

Pink roses have more tender than red roses. And it is also the most popular color that people love to use.

Pink roses are divided into two types, deep and hot pink roses, and light pink roses. Still, this division does not affect the meaning of the flower color.

Pink roses represent femininity, happiness, and elegance…and it suits nearly all occasions like weddings, events, birthdays, engagement parties, proms and baby showers, etc.

If you intend to select a flower color for your mother, teachers, sisters, or friends, then pink roses are a great gift that you do not want to miss.

The symbolism of purple roses: Mystery, enchantment, splendor

purple rose meaning
purple rose

As one of the rarest colored roses around, purple roses symbolize mystery, enchantment, and splendor.

And if you are in love at first sight, you might think about a bouquet of purple roses.

The fact that these roses are so hard to find means that they were only meant for royalty back in the day. They still carry an air of elegance and are considered very majestic flowers.

So, if you receive some purple roses from someone, they must think very highly of you!

Should I get fresh or preserved flowers for a present?

We are usually familiar with fresh roses because they are easy to buy and have a reasonable price.

meaning of rose colors

On the other hand, dried flower is less attention to, and sometimes the price is higher than fresh flowers. But they also have their unique feature that fresh flowers don't have.

Dried flower dates back to ancient times, especially popular with women from the middle and upper class.

The ancient Egyptians used to place dried flowers in tombs as a part of their funeral rituals.

In the 16th century, the Japanese used pressed flower art to preserve the beauty of flowers for a more extended period. This method is also called Oshibana.

That sounds interesting, right?

Now, you will have a chance to discover the difference between fresh flowers and dried flowers.

Storage time:

Most flowers last no longer than a few weeks when they are fresh.

The life of preserved flowers can range from a few months to a full year.


The color of fresh flowers is often brighter and more vibrant than preserved flowers, even if they are less dewy.

Preserved flowers have a completely different aesthetic altogether.


Many people enjoy the scent of fresh flowers. Besides helping people feel better, it has also been shown to reduce stress, fight inflammation, and induce relaxation and better sleep.

Preserved flowers have little to no natural scent. However, preserved flowers do not cause pollen allergies, making them a great alternative to fresh flowers for households with members or pets suffering from pollen allergies.

Each flower has it is delicate. I will not say which one is the most perfect because it entirely depends on the preferences and enjoyment of each person.

So, Let's make a wise decision when looking for your flower.

Final thought

Hope you enjoy these tips.

Now I’d like to hear your take:

What rose color do you like the most?

Do you love the history of the rose flower?

Do you feel a dried flower is better than a fresh flower?

I would love to hear your opinion.

So wish you can find the best-fit flower and make it become the most gorgeous for your love.


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