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How long will dried flowers last?

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Dried flowers are popular for home decor, special occasions, and even gifts.

They offer a unique look that can last longer than fresh flowers, but how long do dried flowers actually last?

In this article, you will explore the factors that affect the longevity of dried flowers and get some tips on how to make them last as long as possible.

And you will also steal some of the best ways to store and display dried flowers for your home.

Let's dive into it now!

How long do dried flowers last?

You may hear someone say that dried flowers can stay for 3 months or 1 year, or even "everlasting."

But the truth is nothing last forever, and dried flowers are the same.

So, how long do they last?

There is no exact time that they last. According to research by Lafraiserose, it depends on many factors to decide their lifespan.

For example, the drying method, the type of flower, and the environment in which they are stored.

The average lifespan of dried flowers (typically 1-3 years):

Generally, dried flowers can last for two or even three years if properly cared for. It could last even longer if they've been bleached or dyed.

In addition, with Dried Flowers, care in special conditions may last for up to 5 or 6 years.

Dried florals are ideal if you're looking for a flower that lasts longer than just a week or 10 days without special care.

These blooms can be just as gorgeous, if not more so, than fresh ones and cost at least $20 for a lovely bouquet.

Even though fresh flowers tend to be more expensive, you don't have to worry about them wilting or needing regular maintenance, like trimming the stems to last several days.

What about preserved flowers?

Hold on—aren't dried flowers effectively the same thing as preserved flowers?

No, not really!

Although drying flowers is a form of preservation, dried and preserved flowers are distinct from one another.

Dried flowers are those which have been stripped of their moisture.

Whereas preserved flowers are put through a process in which their sap and moisture have been replaced with glycerine.

This technique, which involves more effort and complexity than the normal drying process, safeguards the original colour and structure of the flowers, thus creating a look closer to real life.

Preserved flowers left out in the open can last as long as dried flowers, but if kept in an isolated place such as a glass cabinet, they may last up to 10 years.

Factors that can affect the longevity of dried flowers:

1. The type of flower:

The type of flower is one of the most important factors when it comes to the longevity of dried flowers. Different types of flowers have different levels of durability and can last for varying amounts of time. Knowing which type of flower you're using will help you determine how long your dried flowers will stay and help you get the most out of your purchase.

2. The drying method used:

Dried flowers can last for years if they are dried correctly. The drying method used is one of the most critical factors that can affect the longevity of dried flowers. Different techniques, such as air drying, freeze drying, and vacuum drying, are used to preserve the beauty and shape of flowers.

Air drying is the most common method used to preserve flowers. This method involves hanging or laying them out in a cool, dark place with good ventilation until they are dehydrated.

Freeze-drying consists in freezing the flower and then slowly reducing its temperature until it reaches a shallow temperature, which helps to preserve its natural colour and shape for a longer time.

Vacuum drying is another popular method that uses vacuum pressure to quickly remove moisture from the flower without damaging its structure or colour.

No matter which drying method you use, it's essential to remember that each one has its own advantages and disadvantages when preserving dried flowers for a more extended period of time.

3. The environment in which they are stored

Dried flowers can last for years when kept in the right environment. Temperature, humidity, and light are all factors that can affect their longevity.

If you want your dried flowers to last as long as possible, you must take care to store them in an environment with optimal conditions.

Too much or too little of these factors can cause the flowers to deteriorate quickly and lose their vibrant colours. Proper storage of your dried flowers is key to ensuring that they remain beautiful and preserved for years to come!

Improving the longevity of dried flowers

The ways to extend the lifespan of dried flowers:

1. Using a silica gel drying method:

When employing a silica gel drying method, pay attention to the temperature and humidity of your environment, as too much heat or moisture can render the silica gel ineffective.

Furthermore, keep the silica gel out of sunlight and away from hot and lower its efficiency.

Additionally, make sure to use an adequate quantity of silica gel and monitor it regularly to guarantee that evaporation is occurring correctly.

2. Storing them in a cool and dry place:

Wilted blooms do not fare well in humid and wet locations. After all, all the natural moisture has already been sucked out of them!

A single brush against any water would make the stems and petals flabby and reddish, with dyes seeping out.

It can likewise make them more vulnerable to mould.

Therefore, steamy conditions must be prevented, and places where splashing is shared—bathrooms and kitchens- should also be kept off-limits.

3. Keeping them away from direct sunlight

Sunlight can fade colours in our clothing, rugs, artwork, and hair.

It's only logical that dried flowers should also be kept away from the sun to prevent bleaching.

As a result, they should not be placed directly in front of a north-facing window; look for alternate areas to showcase them in order to keep their colours intact.

4. Keep dust from accumulating on the flowers.

Dried flowers can quickly lose their lustre when covered in dust, and it can be difficult to remove the dust without causing damage.

Starting early and regularly dusting the dried flowers, you won't have to worry about a build-up of dust in the long run.

You can dust the arrangements with a soft feather duster or use compressed air, but you must be cautious as the blast of air can be strong and could harm your setup if you are too close.

5. Keep special floral arrangements in storage boxes or glass cases for display.

Box storage is ideal for lasting keepsakes such as wedding bouquets or sentimental flower arrangements.

If kept in a cool, dark space and away from heat, light, moisture, and dust, preserved florals can last for over a year.

You can keep your dried and preserved flowers in a glass box to protect them from moisture and dust, but avoid exposing them to direct sunlight or heat.

Provide tips for preserving the colour and shape of dried flowers.

1. Using a fixative spray

If you are looking for extra protection, you can buy a fixative spray designed explicitly for dried flowers.

This helps keep them from fading, becoming dirty, gathering moisture, and losing colour. When spraying them, make sure to do it outdoors due to the toxicity of the fumes.

Another option is to spray them with a glaze. Preserving dried or silk floral arrangements require spraying them with glaze.

Dries can be made to last longer and retain their beauty when treated with "flower fixatives," "dried flower preservatives," or "silk flower cleaners," which are available at craft and floral stores.

A spray glaze on dried flowers keeps their colours vibrant and increases their lifespan.

Using spray glaze on fresh flowers is not recommended, as it may harm their colouring and make them unsuitable for preservation.

Let the flowers dry completely before spraying them with a preservation glaze designed for dried flowers.

2. Rehydrating them with water

Instead of the usual techniques of drying out flowers like hanging, storing them on a shelf, or keeping them between books, try something new.

It'll keep your memories in prime condition and brighten up their hue.

Preserve their beauty, shape, and colour!

Our Preservation Process revitalizes your memories, no matter how old they are, in amazing ways!

When preserving dried flowers, the best results can be achieved with those that have been hung up or stored in a box or on a shelf in a way that preserves their shape.

Pressing flowers between book pages can be damaging because it disrupts the flower's structure, and attempting to remove them can damage them further.


You should handle and preserve dried flowers with extreme caution, as often they may be in poor condition, or you may only have a few stems remaining.

Here are the steps to relive these memories!


Before handling them, it's necessary to rehydrate dried flowers with a couple of quick mists to avoid damage.


Once the flower is hydrated, secure it between pieces of cardboard separated with drying sheets. Securely tie it with the cord.


After thirty seconds in the microwave, press the flower into the desired shape. Do as many repetitions as necessary. Spray the Dried Flower Mister to add lustre and preserve the hue.


Do Dried flowers still smell?

Yes. On occasion, they might. The smell is generally not as strong and sometimes not quite the same as when the flower is fresh. Some, like lavender, are prized for their long-lasting scent, even when dried. Dried rose petals often retain some light fragrance if it was a fragrant rose, to begin with (many are not!).

Besides, If you observe, potpourris are made of dried plants and flowers. Drying flowers remove moisture from them. However, the essential oils remain within and produce their natural smell, as it was before drying them.

Do Dried flowers get mouldy?

Yes, they can still go mouldy if not stored correctly. It is important to keep them away from humid environments such as bathrooms or windowsills when condensation is present in the middle of winter. This is because the moisture in these areas can cause the dried flowers to become mouldy or start to wilt.

If you want to decorate your bathroom with dried blooms, it's best to take extra precautions and ensure that they are kept away from any sources of humidity. You can also try using artificial flowers instead, which won't be affected by moisture and will last much longer than real dried flowers. By taking good care of them and storing them properly, you can keep your dried flower arrangements looking beautiful for many years!

Do they attract bugs?

Yes, dried flowers can attract insects and moths since they make nice meals for them. And it is okay if you can lightly spray your bouquets with insecticide to keep them away.

Which dried flowers last the longest?

The type of flower and the drying method will determine how long a dried flower will last. Generally, air-dried flowers tend to last longer than those that are freeze-dried or oven-dried. Flowers with thicker petals, such as roses, carnations, lavender, hydrangea, and chrysanthemums, also tend to last longer than those with thinner petals. Dried flowers can last up to two or three years with proper care.

Do dried flowers lose their colour?

Dried flowers are a popular way to preserve the beauty of blooms long after they've wilted. While drying them can help keep their shape and structure, it does come with a downside, the colours tend to fade over time. As moisture evaporates from the petals, they lose their vibrancy and look washed out. This gives them a unique, rustic appearance that many may find ideal, but it also means that dyeing is often necessary in order to give them a more vibrant hue.

Fortunately, some methods of flower drying can help preserve colour better than others. In particular, the silica gel drying method is known for retaining colour and vibrancy for longer periods. If your dried flowers have been dyed, they will likely retain their colour for quite some time - especially if they're displayed in ideal conditions, such as away from direct sunlight or other heat sources. You can enjoy your dried flowers for years with proper care and maintenance.


In conclusion, the longevity of dried flowers depends on the type of flower and the drying method used. Air-dried flowers generally last longer than those dried using other methods, and petals thicker in nature tend to hold up better as time goes on.

When taken care of correctly, dried flowers can remain beautiful for two to three years.

Different drying techniques may help retain the colour of flowers, especially if the blooms have been dyed, as these will stay vibrant for an extended period of time.

Last but not least, Dried flowers are an ideal choice for home decor, not only for their beauty but also for their longevity.

They will last far longer than fresh flowers and can be used to add a touch of colour to any room.

Furthermore, their subtle fragrances can create a calming atmosphere, making them perfect for bedrooms or studies.

Moreover, dried flowers are affordable and easy to find, making them an ideal choice for those with a limited budget.

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