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Best Unique Christmas Gifts For Flower Lovers & Plant Lovers

Updated: May 2, 2023

Christmas Gifts For Flower Lovers
Christmas Gifts For Flower Lovers & Plant Lovers

In the last days of December, the Christmas atmosphere filled the roads with a snow castle, beautifully decorated Christmas trees, and reindeer, Santa Claus.

Noel is a family holiday, a privileged day to gather people from every generation of the family. This ceremony in any form is expressed, creating shared memories, and maintaining affection among people in the family.

Besides the parties with your family, it is indispensable for beautiful little gifts, accompanied by a beautiful flower to your loved ones. Each gentle fresh flower will help our boys easily send their souls from deep in their hearts to lovers.

The Meaning of Giving Flowers on Christmas Day

Giving flowers has long been a beautiful custom to show affection. This beauty action is often seen at holidays, anniversaries, birthday parties, Valentine day or other events.

Giving Christmas flowers is not just a gift like many other gifts; each flower is also a loving and affectionate message to the person you cherish about.

"Beautiful and fragrant flowers are just like you, a girl I vow to love for the rest of my life."

Here are a few reasons why the trend of giving flowers on Christmas day is becoming more and more popular:

  • Make the Christmas atmosphere more lively. Because Christmas is an essential and meaningful celebration for Christians.

  • Create a sense of fun, and energize new energy sources when preparing to enter a new season.

  • Families and friends gather for a cozy and fun party in a short time to forget the fatigue and pressure of work.

  • It has a feng shui meaning. It can be a blessing of luck, money, and fitness for everyone.

The Traditional Colors of Christmas

The traditional color of Christmas is red, white, green, and yellow, traditionally originating from the religious symbol of Christianity related to the birth of Christ.

  • White – Purity, innocence, and peace

  • Red — Blood of Christ

  • Green — Eternal Life

  • Gold or Silver — Star of Bethlehem

  • Blue — Virgin Mary

Icon Christmas and Legends

Here are the history and legends behind the Christmas traditions we know and love today, the tradition existed hundreds of years ago.

Christmas Gifts For Flower Lovers
Christmas Tree

The traditional decoration of trees originated in Germany in the 16th century. It is said that the Protestant reformer Martin Luther first thought of adding candles to decorate the branches with light after being inspired by the stars sparkling through the canopy on the road on a seasonal night.

Queen Victoria and her German husband, Prince Albert, disseminated Christmas trees in the 1840s. This tradition also spread to the United States. The first Christmas trees appeared in 1851 in New York, and the first tree appeared in the White House in 1889.

Unique Christmas Gifts For Flower Lovers
Christmas Wreath

The Christmas wreath is said to be a product of the Christmas tree tradition that began by the Norse people in the 16th century.

When the trees were often pruned into triangles (three points means representation). The removed twigs were formed into a ring and hung on the tree as decoration. The circle, which has no end, symbolizes eternity and the Christian concept of eternal life.

They represent God's eternity or eternal nature with no beginning or end. Wreaths are hung on windows or doors to symbolize the approaching Christmas.

⇒Symbol of the wreath

Trees, such as pine, cedar, and spruce, have long been considered miraculous plants with healing powers. The ancient Druids and the ancient Romans used these branches in festivals and ceremonies to celebrate the return of the sun and the renewal of life. The Christmas wreath symbolizes finding a new and/or eternal life in Christ.

Unique Christmas Gifts For Flower Lovers & Plant Lovers
Christmas Socks

Hanging stockings have been a tradition since the 1800s, although no one knows how it started.

A popular legend has it that there was once a man with three daughters; he was worried because his three daughters were of marriageable age.

Still, he did not have money to do a dowry for his three children. With a sympathetic heart, Saint Nicholas snuck down the chimney and filled the girls' socks with gold coins, and after washing them, the girls hung them up over the fireplace to dry.

What Flowers Should You Give for Christmas?

Christmas comes from the Latin word Cristes maesse, or Mass of Christ. The celebration of Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus.

The association of flowers with Christmas celebrations is very intense. In particular, flowers such as red lilies, wreaths, and Christmas trees, ... symbolize the joy and spirit of Christmas. Here are some types of flowers that should be shown at Christmas to respond to and wish for a good season, a merry and warm Christmas.

Christmas Cactus

Unique Christmas Gifts For Plant Lovers
Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus, also known as sunflowers, small flowers, or orchids, has the scientific name Zygocactus truncatus (Hax) Moran.

Christmas Cactus planted in hanging pots or indoors are beautiful and stand out by their lush green leaves and vibrant, unique flower colors.

Origin of Crab flower (Christmas flower): From South American tropical rainforest countries.

It is common for flowers to bloom at Christmas, so people usually use them as decorations for a holiday.

Christmas Cactus (Zygocatus truncates) grows well. With cold weather, flowers have many buds on the tips and axils of leaves with a crab-shaped shape.

During Christmas, Christmas flowers are placed on the table or on the wall to match the Christmas atmosphere, bringing joy to Christmas. Bringing good luck with the meaning of changing fate, good fortune will come.

Christmas Cactus also can absorb harmful gases for human health: fluoride, ether, hydrogen sulfide, phenol, and krypton... Especially Christmas Cactus also has a CAM photosynthesis cycle. At night, it sucks in CO2 and releases O2 to help increase oxygen in the air, suitable for display in the bedroom.


Christmas Gifts for Plant Lovers

Poinsettia is a popular Christmas gift. Vibrant, though mostly red, Poinsettia provides effective color for home decor during and after the holiday season. Give a Poinsettia as a gift to share the joys of Christmas.

Poinsettia is one of the most popular plants for decoration during the Christmas season.

Many people think that bright red, white, or pink flowers are flowers, but they are colored leaves called bracts. Some people associate the bracts with the symbol of the star Bethlehem.

According to Mexican legend, a young girl named Maria and her brother Pablo was the first to discover Poinsettia. The two children were destitute and could not buy a present to bring to the Christmas Eve carnival.

The two children stopped at the side of the road to collect some weeds, not wanting to come back empty-handed. When they arrived at the festival, they were ridiculed by other children for their gifts. But, when they placed the weeds beside the Child Jesus in the manger, the poinsettias bloomed with bright red flowers.


Christmas  Plants for decor

Mistletoe is a Christmas flower that dates back to the Pagan period. In their winter celebrations, the Druid priests used this Christmas flower two hundred years before the Nativity.

They revered the flower because it, even without roots, remained green during the cold months of winter. Kissing under the mistletoe is a Christmas custom that has continued for many generations.

Spice snowball - Lobularia maritima

Best Christmas Gifts Plant Lovers
Spice snowball

Spice snowball is likened to snowflakes falling on Christmas Eve, with each cluster of white flowers creating a peaceful Christmas feeling.

When the tree's flowers often bloom in winter, they are used as Christmas gifts, symbolizing peace and luck for the recipient.

Flowers have many colors, such as purple, red, and pink. But white is always the most chosen color, especially during Christmas.

Flowers Spice snowball full of life, representing the intense power of life. Sitting next to a basket of Spice snowballs is like being immersed in a fragrant cloud, relaxing mentally.


Unique Christmas Flower  for decoration

Schlumbergera is a great gift idea for Christmas eve. By making it an excellent choice for hanging baskets that can be a great decoration during the festive season.

This famous Christmas tree isn't precisely a Schlumbergera, but it is a plant in the same family as the cactus.

It is native to tropical locations, producing colorful domes of pink and red flowers in the dark days of winter, hence the name Schlumbergera as a legend of Schlumbergera.

A missionary trying to teach indigenous people in the Bolivian jungle about the Bible and the life of Christ struggled to win their faith and faith.

He feared that the natives would not understand the concepts he had painstakingly taught them. On a lonely Christmas night, He knelt before the altar to seek God's guidance to lead the natives to God.

In the distance, the joyful sounds of the chanting voices he had taught resounded. The village's children marched into the church with glowing bouquets of flowers as the sound grew louder. Which they had picked in the forest to find the Child Jesus. These flowers are called Schlumbergera.


Christmas Flower  for decoration

The Christmas tree list just recently included rosemary. The scent of the rosemary bush is said to bring good luck to those who smell it at Christmas; it is believed to have dried the clothes of the Child Jesus many centuries ago.

More often than not, holiday decorators tend to incorporate this divine tree as a manicured Christmas tree. We love the idea of ​​combining the spirals on the front door – all you have to do is to provide the lights.

Rosemary is one of the plants that are effective in repelling harmful insects such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, and flies... In terms of feng shui, they also increase prosperity and bring good luck to the homeowner.

Rosemary was chosen as an ornamental plant as a Christmas gift because of its elongated leaves and soft young green color.



Holly has been a major religious icon for over 2000 years and continues to this day! Holly is a shrub that produces glossy green leaves with pointed edges, small white flowers, and red berries.

In Christian symbolism, the leaves represent eternal life, and the red fruits represent the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

⇒The Legend of Holly

According to Christian legend, a shepherd boy brought a wreath made from the hot tree for the Child Lord as a crown; the shepherd burst into tears because he thought his gift too simple. Seeing the boy's tears, the Child Lord touched the peak. Immediately the leaves began to sparkle, and the white berries turned a brilliant red.

Roses Flowers


Roses and Christmas are related to a Christian story from Europe.

A shepherd girl named Madelon followed the wise men and the shepherds on the road to meet Jesus. All of them brought attractive gifts and excepted her. She didn't have anything; she was lonely and sad.

An angel appeared to comfort Madelon and brushed the snow off her feet to reveal a bunch of Christmas roses, so Madelon dedicated the rose to Christ.

Red Lily

Red Lily
Red Lily

These flowers will become a great focal point for Christmas get-togethers.

A Red Lily, unlike many other Christmas flowers, represents not Christmas but rather the bloodline of the goddess in Greek mythology, as well as confidence and pride, unlike most others.



An Orchid is the best Christmas gift. They are beautiful, do not require much care, and have a lot of positive symbols. Meaning of Orchid symbolizes perfection, beauty, love, and luxury. Pots Orchid to wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas.

Gloxinia speciosa

Gloxinia speciosa
Gloxinia speciosa

Gloxinia speciosa is known by other names such as Love bell tree, holy flower, and big sycamore tree.

Flowers have many different colors, such as red, orange, yellow, and pink, but red is the most popular for Christmas day. Gloxinia speciosa has the scientific name Sinningia speciosa.

Originating from Brazil, it is a stunning flower. Gloxinia speciosa has a beautiful bell-like shape with vibrant colors such as red, magenta, pink, purple, blue-violet, white, or white at the edge of the wings.

Flowers often bloom at the right time of Christmas, so decorating the house at Christmas is gorgeous.

On Christmas, Gloxinia speciosa is like a small bell of Santa Claus, bringing love to everyone dearest.

Gloxinia speciosa Christmas decorations in the house help bring joyful bells on Christmas Eve.

Gloxinia speciosa symbolizes love for couples that is always deep, passionate, and lasting. In particular, the purple color of the flower represents loyalty and color, and the red color represents burning love. Since then, they have become significant gifts for loved ones.

Flowers Suggestion

Merry Potted Cypress
Merry Potted Cypress

Santa's Sleigh Chocoberry Bouquet
Santa's Sleigh Chocoberry Bouquet

Lullaby Chocoberry Bouquet
Lullaby Chocoberry Bouquet

Final thoughts

They add color and freshness wherever flowers are found.

Flower arrangements to decorate Christmas flowers on occasion Christmas is indispensable.

Add Christmas flowers to your party or as home or office decorations to highlight the occasion's essence.


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